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How Did The Impressionism Art Period Influence The Post Impressionism Period

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How did the Impressionism art period influence the Post Impressionism period
Robert Perfili
Western Governors University

How did the Impressionism art period influence the Post Impressionism period.
The approach to impressionism art evolved in France during the late 19th century. It was considered the most famous French painting movement ever. Prior to the Impressionist art period France was in turmoil due to the instability of government. It saw different forms of government rise and overtake others between the end of King Louis XVI in 1789 and the overthrow in 1851 of Napoleons vast empire which came to an end in 1870. At this time, France fell to Prussia and was ...view middle of the document...

The artists would paint landscapes or current subjects using natural sunlight in an attempt to focus on how the colors would interact with the sunlight. Often times the artist would leave his canvas and return the following day when the light would be similar. The artists were able to do this due to advances of modern science. Synthetic chemical pigments were developed which not only allowed more colors to choose from, but could also be stored in small tubes. This gave artists mobility allowing them to move about outside and not be confined to their studio. Although this allowed them more freedom, impressionists still had to learn to paint quickly in order to capture the essence of tone and color as a result of the ever changing effects of the natural light. When painting, artists would employ a technique known as impasto where thick dabs of paint would be scooped up on a palette knife (Arnold, Mathews, & Remes, 1999).

(Monet) A Field of Poppies
1. The art period being compared is the Post Impressionism period. This art period followed in succession and was also during the Third Republic government. It reflected economic depression, capitalistic views, cheap labor and pessimism. Furthermore, there was social unrest, civil struggles and religions were losing their influences to Darwinism and Neitche (Peterson, 2003). Economic conditions and the working class were changing. Emotions were becoming more prevalent in every day society especially with the awareness of the suppression of women. These were just some of the factors influencing Post Impressionist art beginning in the 1880’s (Historical and Cultural Context, n.d.). For the most part, Post Impressionism artists followed suit of Impressionism style and technique. However, these artists were more interested in using things not normally found in the natural world such as forms and colors. As a result, they wanted to show their work had more of a structure with an emphasis on their response and emotional expressions. The artists abandoned the objective approach impressionists used to record the effects of color and light. They opted to focus more on composition and the science of color. One particular Post Impressionism artist brought about a technique known as pointillism. This technique used tiny bits of contrasting color placed side by side. These colors seemed to blend from a distance into a dominant color. This gave the illusion of brightness through different optical formations of light (Arnold, Mathews, & Remes, 1999).

(Seurat) A Sunday Afternoon on the La Grande Jatte

a. There are some differences between these two art periods. Both periods saw scientific advances with the production of synthetic chemical pigments for a wider range of colors to choose from. Also, the science of optics was influenced by the way the color and natural light was seen by the observer. Impressionism art depicted landscapes and with the adaptation of the natural sunlight,...

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