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How Did Biogenesis Lead The Way For The Germ Theory Of Disease

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How did the theory of biogenesis lead the way for the germ theory of disease?
Many of us are probably not very aware of the terms biogenesis and germ theory of disease. Most individuals in society actually do know what there to terms are referring to and are probably not even aware of it. Both biogenesis and germ theory of disease will be discussed and how they are related to each other over time.
In 1858 a challenge against spontaneous generation was made by Rudolf Virchow a German by using biogenesis. Biogenesis is when a living cell can be derived due to there being another living cell. However a few years later in 1861 the was a French gentlemen Louis Pasteur preformed ...view middle of the document...

However scientists were made more aware of the fact that the relationship with microorganisms may be similar with animals and plants. This was brought to there attention when microorganisms play a role in the activity changes in organic materials both chemically and physically. It was then thought that microorganisms are a main cause of these different diseases. When this idea was presented it became know as the germ theory of disease. Society was having a difficult time understanding this theory. Many of them did not find it possible that microbes could be on clothing and be transferred from one person to another or that it could float in the air to infect human, animals and or plants. Over sometime the scientists were able to have gradually collected enough information that was able to support this new theory known as the germ theory of disease.
We know that in biogenesis microorganisms are present in the air and will contaminate a surface, solution, etc if not covered this ties in to the germ theory of disease. Back in the 1860s an English surgeon Joseph Lister heard of Louis Pasteur and his work with microbes being a contaminant and also causing diseases. Back then they did not sterilize or use disinfectants. However Lister was aware of substance called phenol which was a bacteria killer. He proceeded to start using phenol on his surgical instruments and on surgical wounds. This process reduced the number of infections and deaths that numerous other surgeons started to use phenol as well to reduced infections and deaths after surgeries. In 1876 Pasteur’s rival Robert Koch a physician from Germany shed proof on diseases are actually caused from bacteria. In order form him to find these facts he conducted experiments involving anthrax. Anthrax was taking a toll on all of the cattle and sheep in the Europe. Koch had taken a sample of the blood from one of the cattle that had died and when he looked at the sample under a microscope and noticed that there were bacteria in shaped like a rod. These rod shaped bacteria are now as bacillus anthrax. When he discovered this he then took a bacteria culture and put in on nutrients which was then...

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