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How Culture Promotes Development Essay

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Culture, while cannot be specifically defined, is said to refer to the set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group.
Development on the other hand refers to the desired positive change that is aimed at improving the socio-economic, political and cultural situation of a society, or nation at large. Development manifests itself through indicators such as the quality of healthcare services offered to the people, quality of education, basic infrastructural amenities available and the general poverty level of the people.
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One of the major contributing factors to its development is their rich culture, which acts as a great tourist attraction, and gains high income inform of foreign exchange that has effectively been used to bring about development.
In addition, tourism creates job opportunities to the members of the society giving them an opportunity to better their lives. Therefore people are healthy and hence they are productive in the development process. This information is according to “Annals of Tourism Research”. Volume 29 issue, 2nd April 2002, pages 303-319.
According to the event “culture in action” in 2009 European days in Stockholm; Cultural expression is very crucial in conflict prevention, which is done through cultural activities for example, promoting intercultural dialogue. Such cultural activities play an important role in peace building and promotion of stability may it be in a society, within countries and regions, in multiethnic settings or even nations. In post conflict situations cultural aspects that led to conflict are discussed, such dialogues are key to the construction of stable societies and create conditions for peaceful coexistence. Insecurity scares away investors but when peace and stability prevails in a society, many investors are encouraged to invest as security and market is guaranteed. These investments result to government revenues, employment and surplus provision of goods and services. This in turn leads to improved living standards and the government having more funds to facilitate the development process.

Culture gives and strengthens identities of citizens, this gives them courage and motivation to express themselves resulting to active citizenship, dialogue as well as fostering creativity and innovation in societies. In this sense cultural activities can send messages from people to people, create participation and empower citizens. For example active citizenship is required for democracies to function well and for the debate and reflection that are necessary to their development. With this citizens can condemn bad leadership and governance, corruption, violation of human rights among other ills in the government and promote good values. It is the eradication of such ills and promotion of good values that lead to development. For example a proposed constitution in a democracy can either be voted for or against depending on the views of the citizens, as seen in Kenya in the year 2010. This was a clear message of the event “culture in action” in 2009 European Development days in Stockholm.


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