How Could Slovakia And Other Member States Benefit In European Cooperation In Sharing Diplomatic Resources?

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1. What are diplomatic resources? 3
2. Cooperation of the member states 4
2.1. Benefits of cooperation and transformation 4
3. Benefits of cooperation sharing common diplomatic resources 5
3.1 Consular Affairs 5
3.2 Global presence of the 27 6
3.3 Administrative arrangements 6
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Moreover, a unique EU department European External Action Service was established which will serve as a foreign ministry and diplomatic corps. It was one of the most important steps for the cooperation and cohesion of the member states . The role of Catherine Ashton is to represent EU in the questions of foreign policy, create international dialogue with the third countries and represent the position of EU towards the third countries. Also, the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union is under the control of high representative, Catherine Ashton.
The reason why we mentioned and briefly described the components of the EUFP is because in the next chapter we will talk about the benefits for the EU member states from a common foreign policy. Our conclusions will summarize the structure and the new opportunities which have been created by the CFSP and the establishment of new departments similar to the EEAS.
2. Cooperation of the member states

If we look at the international affairs in the last decades it is clear that cooperation of the EU member states is necessary for the creation of the common foreign policy. There are many different economical, military or political blocks which can become very threatening for Europe. European Union was established to become a stronger government and political entity.We can look at the cooperation of member states in Common Foreign and Security Policy from various perspectives. The first idea which can come into our minds when talking about CFSP can be: “Twenty seven states holding together in foreign policy must be stronger then working by themselves.” Actually, it is true but on the other hand, success of the foreign policy can be lost in the noise of cross materialistic and cross institutional battle. (Smith, 2000) EU Foreign Policy was the most beneficial for the smaller countries or countries with poorly developed foreign policy. Italy is a good example of changing the organization structure to improve the cooperation. Political co-operation in Italy is handled by the Political Affairs Directorate in its foreign ministry, as in France and Germany. Still, all three countries have been able to reorient themselves in the view of co-ordinating the political and economic dimensions of Europe's external relations. (Smith, 2000, s. 5)
The other change for the small countries was in the number of third missions. For example, between 1972 and 1978 seven of nine EU member states increased their missions in third countries. (Smith, 2000)

2.1. Benefits of cooperation and transformation

Every country which entered the European Union had to get through big changes in many aspects. Foreign policy was not an exception. Benefits of the cooperation can be best recognized in the institutional changes which were necessary for the cooperation. New member states had to transform the departments of their foreign ministries and had to prepare their representatives for changes and...

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