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How Could I Tell? Personal Narrative

2455 words - 10 pages

How Could I Tell? - Personal Narrative

"I'm afraid you may never have a desk job again. Employers prefer
younger people! They shouldn't - but they do. You must be more

The man at the unemployment office had looked embarrassed. He'd still
got his job. Age for age, responsibility for responsibility. The job
was the only difference between us.But it was a big difference.
In a way I really missed my desk. It was comfortable. It had been part
of me for so many years. It had brought in money - just enough - to
keep things going for just me and her. But now it was over. Chapter
Did I care? For a while I cared a lot, yes, ...view middle of the document...

But it caught my eye
through a gap in the hedgerow and, once noticed, it couldn't be
ignored. Intriguingly, it glinted in the sun like an urgent signal.
I paused by my half open gate and looked down the path into an
overgrown garden to my cottage. It had a wasted and secluded
appearance and rather forgoten. It looked allmost as if it was
unoccupied. The garden was patched, paint was peeling and the
crumbling plaster off the walls seemed to have been repaired over many
years with whatever came to hand.
A border of red luxurious flowers crowded the path that seemed to draw
me towards the porch and the weathered wooden front door.Parting the
thickly creeping green ivy, I found the hole in the broken window and
through it could just see the hall. It looked old fashioned and
uninviting. There was a single upright chair and a worn carpet. The
hole in the window was big enough for a child to climb through and
there were signs of glass trodden underfoot on the inside.
"What are you doing dear?" I froze.
Her voice was low with a lilt. A trace of Ireland.
Completely embarrassed, I felt like a youngster caught as if she was
my mother. Her look was quizzing and inquiring. Brown shoulder length
hair was tied back into a single ponytail.
Her hair framed her wonderful gentle face. She was slightly built with
a simple belted cotton dress that brushed her knees. Her eyes were
pale blue - wary. A housewife going about her everyday chores, a
routine suddenly disturbed ... possibly threatened.

She wondered why I was home earlier than usual.
I stumbled over my apology.

Sorry dear... just passing...saw the broken window... work
......nothing... I felt stupid,Idiotic even. All I wanted was to
escape back to the security of the road outside.
"Would you like a cup of tea?"
A calm question? More a command. It stopped my explanations dead.
She didn't wait for a reply but passed close by me, pushed open the
front door and disappeared inside leaving her delicate scent of
lavender in.

I hesitated,unsure of myself. But what was there to lose? ,i mean i
had alredy lost my job,but how could i tell her. Dropping my bag with
a thud by the front door, I followed her down the long passageway to
the back of the house. The dark corridor opened up into a bright
sunlit kitchen.
The kettle was already on the old blackened coal burning hob and two
cups were side by side on their saucers. A teapot stood close by on
the bare wooden table. Her lavender scent was stronger now and mingled
with the smell of old polished pot.
She seemed completely at ease, in charge, unconcerned by the stranger
in her kitchen.
"Why don't you sit down".
It was the first time I had seen her smile in a while .It lit up her
face and made her look very young indeed. It was a youthfulness that
somehow seemed out of...

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