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How Climate Changes Have Effected Human Evolution

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How Climate Changes Have Affected Human Evolution

This paper explores the link that changing climates and human evolution share. As climates change in the world then all living things must adapt accordingly or become extinct. I will go over some examples on how lifestyle changes were necessary for survival when climate these changes occur.

Climate changes can be seen around the world on a daily basis. No matter where you go you can hear somebody say the old phrase, just wait five minutes and the weather will change. Climate changes have been happening since the beginning of time and are not going to stop anytime soon. As human ...view middle of the document...

With the flexibility that tools afforded people, they could open up new dietary option in their lives. These tools, usually forged of stone, made thing that were never possible before a genuine option. These stones could use sharp points and jagged flakes to cut meat and flat ends to ground up or pound food. It opened up a whole new food source even if something happened to the old food source such as a natural disaster. If a volcano erupted and killed off all the vegetation in an area then they could rely on meat to
survive. If they didn’t adapt and make tools then they would risk becoming extinct. As time went on the tools themselves adapted to the change in environments and became more useful and agile. Spears and barbed hooks were made for hunting and fishing. Grinders were made easier to use and were more efficient for crushing plant products.
As the environment changed so did the human brain. The brain became more complex and grew in size as more problems had to be solved. Having a more advanced brain made solving problems and planning easier. The brain is still being developed today with the changing environment and problems...

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