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How Children Should Be Raised Essay

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How children should be raised
Our upbringing has a critical importance for us. It makes us who we are and has a great influence on our way of living. Today, most parents try to raise their children to become as perfect as can be. Kids are forced into education and have become victims of insecurity because of the major pressure the civilization puts on their shoulders. These methods of raising children have caused great debate. 1. In text 1, Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld tells about how it was being raised by her mother Amy Chua. Her Chinese mother has recently received a lot of critic on her new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which is described as “how Chinese parents raise such ...view middle of the document...

He argues that parents should take a backseat role called “serenity parenting” which is the exact opposite of “tiger mom parenting”. Dr Caplan’s advice is likely to relieve busy parents from their guilt over how little time they have for their children.

In text 3, founder of the progressive UK residential Summerhill School in 1921 A.S. Neill argues how he thinks that learning should come after play. He says that learning is not important to everyone. Creative people like the ballet dancer Nijinsky, who’s mind was elsewhere than school, should not be restricted by getting forced to go to school and university by his anxious parents and in that way wasting his talents. A.S. Neill believes that the function of the child is to live his own life, not the life his parents has planned out for him. He claims that many indifferent and disciplined scholars have instead of creating a possibly good mechanic or excellent bricklayer, created incompetent lawyers and unimaginative teachers. A.S. Neill thinks it is Summerhill School’s duty not to kill creation in the classroom with its emphasis on learning, but to allow the children freedom to be themselves.

2. A.S Neill engages the reader with his own experiences as a founder of the Summerhill School. He uses many rhetorical features to persuade the reader to share his view of how children should be raised. A.S. Neill makes the topic personal at start, involving his own personal opinion on learning “I am not decrying learning. But learning should come after play” (p. 7, l. 1). Using pathos by involving himself emotionally makes it easier for the reader to identify with him. In addition he has a superior ethos when he tells about experiences he have gotten during his position as a founder of a school: “I have seen a girl weep nightly over her geometry. Her mother wanted her to go to university, but the girl’s whole soul was artistic” (p. 7, l. 11). Also, A.S Neill uses a logic feature (logos) when asking what the world would have lost if the famous ballet dancer, Nijinsky, had really to pass those exams to get into the State Ballet. It would of course be a major...

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