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How Catholics Should Not Take Part In Halloween Because Everything That Is Attached To The Holiday Is Attached To Its Evil History

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Consider Before ConformThere are many traditions that are practiced throughout today's society. The Catholic Church should not conform to the masses and take part in all these traditions. There are many traditions that have an evil and immoral background. Halloween, for example, is a holiday that has traditions of paganism and evil. I grew up as a Catholic, in a Catholic family, in a Catholic parish, and I saw how Halloween was accepted in the Catholic community. Students would dress up as skeletons, witches, and ghosts. Spider webs covered the walls of the lunch room and jack-o-lanterns would line the halls. The parish would even sponsor parties. Most Catholics only take part in Halloween ...view middle of the document...

If a treat was left out for them, they would not trick you. This "trick" varied from wishing evil upon the household to castrating the man of the house (Brown). Today, when we give candy to all the children, we are giving in a way that represents evil.Most people carve pumpkins for Halloween and place them on their front porch. These pumpkins are also known as are "Jack-O-Lanterns." Folklore says that a man named Jack tricked the devil into climbing a tree and then he carved a cross into the trunk, preventing the devil from climbing down (Slick). The devil then never allowed Jack into Hell and neither was he sent to heaven (Slick). Thus in purgatory, he would wonder the nights (Brown). People then began to make the pumpkins with candles in them to scare off Jack and all other evil spirits (Halloween).Most adults seem to take part in Halloween parties during the October season. At these parties, a popular event is "bobbing for apples." Most just see this as fun and games but what really is happening is a representation of praising the goddess of fruit. The ancient Celts would similarly reach for fruit floating in water without the use of their hands to honor this goddess of fruit (Brown).Some may say that this is a weak argument because it's only foundation of Halloween being evil is based off traditions of years of ago. This is actually what makes the argument strong. Most Catholics would agree that Christmas and Easter are two important holidays that should be celebrated. Both of them are celebrations based of traditions dating all the way back to the first century. These traditions however, have significant meaning to the Catholic Church.Easter is not only a holiday, but a season as well. It is a time of sacrificing and fasting to symbolize Jesus Christ's sacrifice of his life. Easter is also known for Easter baskets and Easter eggs. Easter baskets originate from the ancient custom of taking the food for Easter dinner to mass to be blessed (Easter). This custom grew from an older custom of bringing the first crops and seedlings to the temple to insure a good growing season (Easter). The idea of the Easter egg comes from the practice of exchanging eggs in the springtime (Wilson). The egg, being a symbol of rebirth, was used represent the resurrection of Jesus (Wilson).Christmas, getting its name from Christ's Mass, is a holiday that is celebrated by almost every nation (Gregorovich). There are many traditions of Christmas that take place in today's society. Many of theses have strong historical background to the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth. The Christmas tree is a very important symbol. Most families take part in putting up a tree and decorating it. This tradition started back around the 11th century when religious...

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