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How Can We Help Children Become Good Writers Of Narrative? Essay Gives Advice To Teachers About Story Writing In The Classroom

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How can we help children become good writers of narrative?To become good writers of narrative children need to have a wide range of experience in hearing and reading stories.'The roots of story writing lie in a rich experience of listening to and watching stories, drama and role play, early story reading, frequent re-reading of favourites and the telling/retelling of all forms of story' (Writing Narrative: writer flier 2:NLS)As well as an extensive background of stories children need the right environment to produce them.I will attempt to show how as teachers we are responsible for creating the right background knowledge, environment and encouragement to allow young writers of narrative to ...view middle of the document...

So even if a child had grasped the shape of a letter if it is a wrong way up then it is incorrect.From reading a lot of stories we realise that writing can take may forms and stories are very diverse.'The nature and variety of written discourse' (Meek)'But that's one of the things you get from reading all the time - a sense of other places, other times and other we ways of doing things' (Bad dreams by Anne Fine)In the curriculum guidance for the foundation stage it shows the need to encourage children to engage in stories and recognise features of story long before they can write.'A love of books and stories, rhymes and poems and a rowing interest in rhyming, alliteration, sounds and words, depend on mutual pleasure and enthusiasm in planned and incidental work.'The guidance also shows a need for role-play to investigate stories' It will be through encouraging children to read and write in a variety of play and role play situations that match their interests and stimulate dialogue, activity and thinking.'SchoolThe jump from writing at home and writing in school creates many changes for the child. Story writing is good example of how importance shifts, it is not something we do on a daily basis as competent and mature writers but in school a great deal of emphasis is put on it. So why are stories such a main part of literacy in schools? Stories help build children's imaginations and creative thought. They also help teach children about logical order =, sequencing events throughout the story. The national literacy strategy shows the importance of stories in early school life: year 1 term 1'To write about events personal experience linked to a variety of familiar incidents from stories:'And in later school year 6 term 3'To write an extended story, worked on over time on a theme identified in reading:'But what do we want children to gain from story writing? It is important that children visualise the plot and learn about the characters. Use imagery to create a story that goes beyond one action, and to be fluent, the story should have a logical order and flow through the plot smoothly.These skills need to be developed throughout the key stages. As children develop as writers they should consider characters and settings e.g. description of characters and settings just enough but not too much. Change is also important in a story; the plot needs a twist or jolt to make it interesting.Many children have the ideas for stories in their heads but find the transcription difficult. Shared writing can break these boundaries by showing the children the layout of stories and other transcriptional features as well as the ides of planning, drafting and revising. This shows the children what being a writer is like and how to refine ideas and modify aspects of writing if needed. In 'Writing under control' Judith Graham and Alison Kelly suggest that the teacher acts as scribe in order to get the children's ideas onto paper and to allow them to 'participate fully in...

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