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How Can We Fix Academically Failing Schools

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In 2000, President George Bush signed into law the no child left behind act. This act was supposed to help get children caught up to grade level math, reading, and science test scores. After 12 years about 82 percent of all the nations’ schools are considered to be failing academically (Dillon).What is a failing school? A failing school is a school where the majority of its students failed to do well on standardized tests that were provided during the school year. The problem is that these schools are found all over the United States. What can be done? How can we fix these failing schools? Who is to blame? Most people would blame the teacher first and foremost, but I disagree. In this paper ...view middle of the document...

Later in 1935, the New Zealand government made it official and added secondary schools to their education system (McLachlan 36). It was a necessity because there was such a demand for these classes and with increased funding for teachers that met specific qualifications to only teach early childhood classes the New Zealand government expects their students to do well.
Just as McLachlan displays how New Zealand jumped ahead of the learning curve by offering early childhood classes, Fred Lunenburg also suggests that “preschool experiences are designed to provide cognitive and social enrichment during early childhood development” (Lunenburg 519). Lunenburg continues on to say that the goals of these experiences is to make the transition to school easier and after two years of preschool the child’s readiness, competence, and scholastic achievements will be retained much better (Lunenburg 519). McLachlan writes in a statement where she explains that with little formal evaluation on outcome of the New Zealand early childhood education there was evidence that students are able to make the transition to school and be able to do well academically (McLachlan 40). She like Lunenburg feel that by giving children the opportunity to experience and attend preschool they would have a better chance of excelling in school when they advance to elementary school. Lunenburg is correct about preschool experiences leading to readiness, competence, and scholastic achievement because these students will be ahead of their many classmates. These children will have already known their colors, alphabet, counting numbers, and cognitive motor skills before any other students that have not attended any preschool. This why we need these kids in school earlier so they can be productive.
Here still lies the problem. Why are there not enough early childhood classes and when there are why are they so expensive? People need to take a stand and start asking for these classes or if you have these classes ask for them to be full day classes. We need to take responsibility for our children and their futures. There is plenty of evidence that early childhood classes produce students that are more prepared to excel later on in school, but how do they do it? Just look back at New Zealand and the curriculum they have is based on four aspects, goals or objectives, content, procedure, and assessment on how the children are progressing (McLachlan 36). Each of the schools is inspected on a 3 year basis to make sure the children are progressing and for the parents to be able to see how the schools are doing. At the turn of the millennium New Zealand’s early childhood program had increased to huge numbers. There were 4890 schools with about 180,000 students, each were up over ten percent since the year 2005 (McLachlan 36).
From what I see New Zealand has one of the oldest and best early childhood programs because, it is constantly reformed if it is not working, the government funds the...

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