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How Can The Way In Which We Organise Our Thinking By Using Mental Images, Concepts And Schemas Help Us Improve Our Memory?

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How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?

How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory? This essay is going to look into how people organise there thinking. It will look into mental images, concepts and schema.

In adult life we tend to use words to help us remember things, this is also know as semantic thought. However it has been researched and found out that when people use mental images to remember things such as verbal or written information they remember things more clearly. They can act as a prompt to remember the ...view middle of the document...

Mnemonics can be as different and unusual, as you want to make them as like with the mental images it helps you remember when they are more unusual and not like everyday things.

The using of mental images is able to help us become more efficient with the way we think and remember however being about to sort things out in our minds and organise our thoughts can be helps by putting things into there own categories.

Concept formation is the process of developing categories. An example of this is “animal” a concept that contains other sub-concepts and then further sub-concepts. We could sort them into birds, fish, mammals etc. We could then divide the birds into Eagles, Seagulls, and owls’ etc/. When we apply our concepts we tend to use defining features for example to define an owl a bird because it has features like feathers, beak and can fly. Although these are very defining features they are not rigid as Penguins and ostriches are classed as birds and yet they are unable to fly. Another example of this is a table; having four legs, flat and we put things on it. But the same can be said for a stool, so as you can see it is not like a rigid law of features each concept must have to be identified.

We actually use concepts without even noticing it. However if we watch children develop they often use it in there thinking to develop their concepts. However they can often make mistakes in overgeneralising a concept that they are trying to get to grips with. They may have developed a concept for a sheep as an animal with hair, four legs and a tail, but then they may also apply this concept to a horse, dog or cat. Similarly they may also learn that a tall person with a deep voice is called Daddy and then associate that with any passing man in the street.

A schema is a word used by psychologists to describe framework in which you would file all your knowledge about certain situations, objects,...

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