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How Can The High Teen Pregnancy And Sexual Transmitted Disease Rate Among Mississippi Teens Be Solved?

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E’Lexus Moore
EN 111 003
Mr. Brian Kehler
June 22, 2012

How can the high teen pregnancy and sexual transmitted disease rate among Mississippi teens be solved?
The United States teen pregnancy rate has fallen, but Mississippi still has the highest birthrate in the nation. Mississippi reported 64 births per 1000 teens aged fifteen through nineteen in 2011, more than 60 percent above the United States average. To solve the high rate of teen pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases in Mississippi, public schools should offer abstinence plus classes for the fifth through ninth graders and comprehensive sex education for the tenth through twelfth graders.
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Many people might argue that schools should only teach abstinence only classes to cut down the rate of pregnancy and STDs. I think that offering abstinence only programs in schools are unrealistic. We all know that most people have sex before marriage. Teaching abstinence only is like teaching republican only government classes. Only teaching abstinence hurts children more than anything. They need to be informed about every aspect of sex, not shown just one path. Teens are going to have sex regardless of what they are or are not taught, so they might as well be taught what could happen through multiple sex partners or not practicing safe sex. Teens need to be prepared for what is out there and informed about how they can protect themselves and others from STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. Students need the facts and ALL the facts.
Abstinence plus for the fifth through ninth grade students in school will have an positive affect on the students and the rate of pregnancy and STD’s. First and furthermost the class will teach children /teens to abstain from sex. It would also make them aware of condoms and contraception, which would be good for them to know about just in case the...

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