How Can The Different Ways Of Knowing Help Us To Distinguish Between Something That Is True And Something That Is Believed To Be True?

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There are precisely four ways of knowing. That is by perception, reason, language, and emotion. Some might say that some of the four ways of gathering knowledge are more legit than the others. To me, emotion is the least legit way of being able to tell whether or not you know something. Reason and Language are both important ways of gaining knowledge. Perception is the most difficult way to be sure of whether or not you are gaining knowledge about something truthful, or something that is just simply believed to be true. However, before one can understand whether or not something is true or something is believed to be true, they must understand what being “true” and “believed to be true” ...view middle of the document...

Meanings can get lost in translation.
If one chooses, he or she can believe a theory presented to them with little or no evidence. This ties into one’s emotions and what they choose to believe. However, the most effective type of evidence is the evidence that we can see, hear, taste, smell, or touch. Everything that deals with our senses is our perception. To eliminate all the uncertainties over what is and is not true, we can accept something as true if it appeals to all four ways of knowing.
Emotion is the weakest way of deciphering whether or not something is true. Emotions can be influenced by a vast majority of things. Emotion can also be very spontaneous and triggered by the slightest of actions. A new situation can be presented to a person and it could change their emotional state immediately. Examples of emotions that can instantly formulate into one’s head include: anger, hate, happiness, loneliness, and depression. These emotions can appear simply by watching television, talking on the phone, witnessing an even on the street, or another every day event. If someone has been waiting to get into a program and they make it, their mood turns into a happy one and their attitude towards the interviewer is a positive one. However if they do not get in, they become angry and have a negative attitude. One’s views and their beliefs can be compromised by small and trivial things and they can stand firmly by these beliefs because their emotion is so strong.
Emotions can help one stick to a belief. The stronger the emotion is, the more likely you will be attached to it. Emotions can also dictate the extent to which someone will believe someone else. For example, most children are emotionally attached to their parents, if their parents say that a large man dressed in red slides down their roof every Christmas Eve to deliver presents, that fallacy becomes as real to them as attending school every weekday. If I favor my chemistry teacher and, in turn, am led by her to believe that modern day chemists are on the brink of an amazing discovery and that they genuinely know what they are doing, when a discovery is made by a modern day scientist, I will assume that it is a grand and legit discovery and immediately accept it to be true. This process works into the Appeal to Authority concept. Another way of gaining knowledge that ties into Appeal to Authority is language.
The way of gaining knowledge through language is just as it seems. When one listens to another who is using their body or speech to communicate, they are gaining knowledge through language. You gain knowledge from listening to another regardless of whether or not you believe what they are saying. Language can be tied to one’s emotions. Orators make speeches dedicated to moving a large crowd of people to believe what the orator himself believes. People use language to persuade others to think a certain way or do a certain action. Universal figures such as Mahatma Gandhi or Martin...

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