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It could be divided into the basics of region and personal space. Region refers to the general area in which the interaction occurs, while personal space is just that space immediately around a person. Touch is one example of proxemics; touch enhances one’s interpersonal connection, positive effect, social attachment, closeness, and overall liking. In a non-familiar business setting a person cannot do much to change the terrain, however, smaller actions, such as shifting a chair or placing a briefcase on his or her lap, can suggest the true feeling or intentions of that person

2:2 Kinesics

Kinesics is the study of body language. Using suitable body language you can connect with your customer, create a positive impression, and communicate at your best.
In kinesics eye movement and facial expression, is widely considered to be powerful and persuasive way to gain attention and win approval”. For example In Nigeria culture, a direct eye contact translates into confidence, competence and honesty. On the contrary, in other cultures a direct eye contact with superiors may be considered as daring or disrespectful. Such cultural nuances are incredibly important in the modern global business environment, where many cultures, traditions and customs often existing side by side.

2:3 Paralanguage

Paralanguage is the way of speaking to communicate particular meanings. It may be expressed consciously or unconsciously. Paralanguage includes volume, rate, pitch and pronunciation.


The five key elements that can make or break an attempt in successful nonverbal communication are:
First is the eye contact, a good eye contact with your business client helps in the development of trust, helping you and your message appear credible.
Secondly is gesture: For instance, when talking to business client the use of hands and face helps to describe or explain better.
Thirdly is the movement of a particular part of the...

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