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How Can A Website Scale Up Your Business

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How Can a Website Help You Scale Up Your Business?

Maintaining some form of online presence has grown exponentially important for small businesses in today's worldwide marketplace. Figures from the National Small Business Association show that 82% of business owners rely on a traditional website to help promote themselves online, with an increase in the number of mobile websites at 18%. These sites can vary, offering simple promotional attributes to selling goods and services online directly through their page. Either way, this method of marketing and distribution is a vital ally in helping to scale up your business, especially with an estimated 70% of consumers doing their shopping ...view middle of the document...

That's not to say that it has to be complicated, flashy, or overwrought with graphics or bright colors. But instead, make sure it's memorable. Think about the kind of business you're in and go from there. Make the consumer understand why you and your product are special. People have incredibly short attention spans these days, so you want to make sure you capture their undivided scrutiny in a brief amount of time.

Strategic Planning

You do it with your business, your website is no exception. We discussed careful planning of the way your site should look and what it should provide the consumer for maximum effectiveness, however, that's just the first step. Once the site is up and running, you want to ensure it continues to do what you expect it to: drive customers to your business. That means constant updating and analysis. The worst websites out there are those that refuse to keep up with the times. How many sites have you been to that looked like they were built in 2004 and stayed that way eleven years later? It makes that business look outdated and unwilling to grow. You want your site to remain active and enticing. This can be done through providing fresh content. Be it a blog, some type of news feed, or even links to other sites that pertain to your business, it doesn't need to be complicated either. Just keep it new and exciting. Consumers want to be engaged, and if your website does that, they will keep coming...

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