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How Bingeing Became The New College Sport

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How Bingeing Became the New College Sport

The topic aims to bring attention to the fact that binge drinking in college seems to be on the rise. The claim says that lots of these kids are hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning. The author also thinks that lowering the drinking age back to 18 or 19 may help to prevent this in the future.

This article is about how binge drinking in college is on the rise and getting out of control. Pre gaming is becoming a common practice with college kids. This involves hanging out in dorm rooms before games and drinking as much as possible, since they can’t legally drink at the game. The numbers of students that are becoming hospitalized or dying are rising. The author seems to think that if they ...view middle of the document...

The faculty should also setup seminars about the effects of binge drinking. If the students saw what bingeing can do to the human body some of them might stop doing it. They could have mandatory seminars for new students about this and have them sign pledges to not drink. If you teach the students about the health problems that bingeing can cause early, you might have a better chance of preventing it.
Another way to prevent binge drinking would be to have student run programs where the kids can come and talk to some of their peers about their drinking problems. Most students would feel more comfortable talking to kids their own age rather than the faculty. They could also have an anonymous help line so students can get help without having to say who they are. Some students may be embarrassed about having a drinking problem, so a help line could be exactly what they need. These methods could be more helpful just because the students will be talking with peers that can relate to them rather than school counselors who they might see more as an authority figures.
School officials could also try to increase security on campus. If they have more officers patrolling parties to make the students aware that they are around, students may not drink so much. If a party is going to have alcohol, they could have an officer carding at the door like they do at clubs. Also if they start writing more tickets and even arresting underage students for drinking, it may scare kids and keep them from drinking. All of these methods may help to prevent binge drinking, but in the end there is no way to completely stop it. There is always going to be students that think they can do whatever they want. The only thing we can do is try to reach as many kids as possible.

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