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How Actors Contribute To A Film

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Actors are a vital contribution to a film, for without the actors there would be no film. To become an actor, one must possess a great deal of talent. This person must be able to portray the character as described by the director, and make the audience believe the reality of this character, not only by the words they speak in his or her respective roles, but by their emotions, facial expressions, and physical movements. This person must also be able to grab and hold the attention of the audience, and keep them entertained.

What is the goal of acting?

The ultimate goal of any actor should be to make the audience completely believe in the ...view middle of the document...

The technique is most often used for realistic plays, where the goal is to portray an accurate idea of normal life. (Ellis)
To begin employing Stanislavski method, actors generally go over the script very carefully, looking for key identifying factors. An actor must discover what his character wants, what is preventing him from getting it, what means he will use to achieve his goal. These terms are frequently referred to as objective, obstacle and method. He must also determine the given circumstances of every scene, knowing where the scene takes place, what is in the room, and what is going on in the outside world. (Ellis)

What skills are required to achieve this goal?
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If this goal is to be achieved, actors must either develop or be blessed with several talents. First of all, they must be able to project sincerity, truthfulness, and naturalness in such a way that the audience is never aware that they are acting a part. In a sense, good acting must seem to not be acting at all. Sometimes actors achieve certain naturalness through tricks and gimmicks. (Boggs & Petrie, 2008). A perfect example of one of the tricks actors may use would be when Dustin Hoffman was preparing for the role of Ratso Rizzo, from the film Midnight Cowboy, he needed to walk with a distinct limp. Once he perfected the limp, a fellow actor advised him a way to keep the limp consistent by putting rocks in his shoe. This way, he never forgot to limp when he walked, as the limp was automatically always there. (Boggs & Petrie, 2008)

What determines “good” or “bad” acting?

Good or bad acting can be determined many ways. The actor needs to be able to hold the attention of the audience and make the audience believe in the reality of the character. The actor must be interesting and not boring, creative, natural and intuitive. The actor needs to play the part of the character in a way that is sincere and emotional as well. If the actor’s character is to tell another character that he or she loves them, then that actor must also backup that statement with the proper emotions, body language, etc. that is necessary for the audience to truly believe the statement and emotions the actor is projecting through his or her character.

How does the director’s influence affect an actor’s performance?

Most directors have a hand in selecting the actors they work with, and it must be taken for granted that they can have a strong influence on individual acting performances. In the choice of actors, one director may take the safe, sure way by casting established stars in roles very similar to roles they have played before. Another may prefer to try relatively unknown actors who do not already have an established image. Another may like to cast an established star in a role entirely different from anything he or she...

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