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How Academic Experience Prepares You For College And Reaching Career Goals

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How academic experience prepares you for college and reaching career goals
The key to a child striving to obtain a degree is for his or her parents to really teach the importance of having one. Getting a degree is probably the only thing that I look at totally different as the years has passed. My parents were real old school and they didn’t come from a family of scholars so I was not really pushed in that direction. They made sure I did well in grade school but all I really was told was to get a job.
All children should be explained how better life will be for them and their children if they get that degree. I realize it now but I’m not in the situation I would be in if I started fresh ...view middle of the document...

I figured that high school taught us all that we would need to know in order to succeed in life. I looked at the essentials such as learning how to read and write. I knew that I was learning about life and nature through science and social studies. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I realized that you go to college to learn about whatever field you are entering. Getting a degree in that field will prepare you for that area of work. Since I’ve been enrolled I’m still learning new things about college. Not only does it prepare you for your career but it teaches you about life in general.
When you learn about things such as the importance of good credit and mortgages, those are tools that can really help you prevent failure. Having a financial plan and sticking with it is what going to college and working is all about. No one would do it if they knew they weren’t going to get paid for it. We learn about goal setting and that’s what helps us make achievements. Without goals we wouldn’t have things to strive for. Goals give us a structure as we try to be successful.
Financial stability will also keep our stress level down. We have...

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