How A Community Helps The Individual

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A community helps to shape an individual's personality and one must take a proactive role in advancing the community's causes. Being an active member of my community, I decided to join various organizations which included the library group and S.T.A.R.T (Students at Thomson Assisting in Research and Technology. As a S.T.A.R.T. member my main responsibility was to help students use our mainframe computer software to find books and relevant information. My other duties included restocking books and keeping the library in a proper order. To reward my hard work, I was promoted to an Executive S.T.A.R.T. member this year. This means that aside from assisting students a helping hand, I have to interview and train new S.T.A. R.T. members and manage the timetables of their shifts. Although being a START member is my passion, I felt that I was not doing enough in my community so I decided to tutor students from grades two to ten ...view middle of the document...

The position of a secretary has brought more responsibilities with it. My duties include being the official timekeeper of every meeting, organizing staff and students request forms, and processing permission slips for fellow S.A.C. members.Aside form the S.A.C. I got nominated for the Peer Leadership and Support Program during the past academic year. Since this was a leadership course, I was expected to analyze the students' learning strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to help the students with their problems.Also, during grade 11 I was part of organizing a new group called The New Moves Crew. The goal of this group is to help students who are new to Canada bridge the gap between their native country and Canada and get accustomed to the new culture. This group is now in its second year and we have extended our service to the families of the immigrant students as well.In order to be a well rounded leader of the community I decided to volunteer at the Scarborough General Hospital last year through their student volunteer program. My main job was to help make the patients feel comfortable in the hospital environment, show genuine care by putting forward a friendly attitude, file their health records and keep the filing cabinet in order and run errands for the staff if needed.This year I decided to add another group called the ESP to my portfolio. ESP stands for the Empowered Student Partnership. As a member of the ESP group we attend workshops with the Toronto Metropolitan Police force and help set up an action plan for our school and the students. Since this group is fairy new, our main motive is to make it known to the student body.I believe that a community can only prosper if we have love and concern for each other. Also, it is society that helps to shape us as an individual. Since, our surroundings have a great impact on our lives we should take a proactive role in creating a strong and vibrant community. Everyone in society especially the younger generations should take it upon themselves to connect with their surroundings and address the different concerns the community has, because they will be the ones that will reap the benefits of a strong and united community in the future.

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