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House Rules Essay

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House Rules
Ebonie Buenrostro
Justine Creed

Jacob Hunt is an 18-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome who lives with his mom Emma and his younger brother Theo. Early on in his life, Jacob was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which is a disorder characterized by severe and sustained difficulties in social interactions and the development of restricted repetitive patterns and behaviors, interests, and activities. Emma is very invested in her son’s diagnosis and had him in behavioral therapy and speech therapy, which improved his communication. On top of all of his medication, Emma works really hard to pay for Jess his social skills tutor, which Jacob meets with twice a week. It here where Jacob works on improving his ...view middle of the document...

The police show up to the crime scene after Jess’s boyfriend reports her missing however Jess’s body was not in the house and the police decided to begin investigating her disappearance. It is here with Jacob finds himself in trouble with the law because of his strong interest with forensics. After receiving an anonymous tip, police find Jess dead in a forest with Jacob’s favorite blanket wrapped around her leading them straight back to Jacob for questioning. When questioned by the police, Jacob’s Asperger’s force him to answer questions truthfully and accurately because he is unable to lie. After being questioned, he is taken into custody where he will stand trial for the murder of Jess. Fearful of Jacob’s safety in prison because of his daily routines, Emma hires a lawyer named Oliver to defend her son in court, where they are able to bail him out of jail after pleading insanity. While on trial, Jacob has out bursts because he is unable to handle the questioning and unfamiliarity of his new routine. Jacob is on trial for a week and in the end, he is acquitted from the murder after his brother Theo comes forward and confesses that he was at the house with Jess and after seeing him in the house she was startled and slipped out of the shower where she hit her head on the corer of the sink. Jacob admits that he knew his brother paid a visit to the house and tampered the crime scene because he wanted to protect his brother and follow the “House Rules” which was “protect your brother, as he is the only one you have”. Jacob felt that this would show Theo that he loved him and that not everything revolves around Jacob and his Asperger’s which seems to take over the families life and make their lives difficulty.

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