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House Of Scorpion Book Report

856 words - 4 pages

Cloning of the Future
There is a big controversy today over Embryonic Stem Cell research. Embryonic Stem Cells are cells taken out of the embryos about five days after fertilization, when a blastocyst if formed. Many people believe it is unethical, and destroying the cells in the embryos is like murder. The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer takes place 100 years from today and is about Matt, a clone, and his childhood. Matt is the clone of El Patron, an opium drug dealer, who is one of the most powerful people on the planet. El Patron owns a small country between Aztlan, Mexico, and the United States. Matt grows up and learns more and more from El Patron and becomes smarter. In ...view middle of the document...

Tam Lin lets Matt do things like hiking, mountain climbing and horseback riding. However, many other people do not let him do these things. Tam Lin helped Matt escape from the Alacran estate when he was about to be killed and gave him freedom no one else gave him. As the story grows Tam Lin becomes more and more like a father to Matt and is trusted by Matt the most. Celia is like a mom to Matt. She raises Matt since he was a child and protects him from people like El Patron who need him for his heart transplant. For example, early in Matt’s childhood Celia gives him medicine and different substances that would protect Matt from heart transplant by killing the other person. After Celia is caught protecting Matt from transplant she is in danger of being killed, but Tam Lin saves her. There were many more people in Matt’s life, however these were the main four.
The theme of this novel is you should not judge a person no matter who they are. Matt jumped out of the window and was hurt when Steven, one of El Patron great grandson’s, helps carry him back to the Estate. Matt is taken care of highly because he was wounded and bleeding. The instant Rosa finds Matt’s tattoo that said he was a clone, everyone started treating him horrible and Matt is thrown out of the house....

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