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House Keeping Business Essay

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Name: Affordable Housekeeping Services, LLC
Mission statement
“The mission of “Affordable Housekeeping services” is to make a dirty house into a clean home.  We will bring our friendly, warm people to clean your house as quickly and efficiently as possible
Here is a rewrite of your mission statement for your consideration.  I think the statement should be a single sentence that conveys to the customers the aspects of our business that are most meaningful to them.
Our mission is to have our friendly, warm and dedicated staff transform a dirty house into a clean, healthy home - quickly, efficiently and affordably. 
"To provide superior housecleaning services that reflects our steadfast ...view middle of the document...

One Time or on Call!
·       Regularly Scheduled Cleaning (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
Basic service.
·       Seasonal Cleaning
·       Holiday and Special Occasions Cleaning
·       Move In …Move Out… or Pre-Home Sale Cleaning
What about costs for the house? Would we be charging based on the square footage of the house or by the hour?
Yeah the pricing is tricky because if we do it by square foot, and we have a house that 5 disgusting football players live in we are going to have a problem.  Maybe we can do square feet, but if the house is really dirty we can add on a few dollars.
As I mentioned before I really think we should stick with just renting out storage space for our supplies, and have the business owner handle the answering service, unless we hire and designate somebody just for that job, but I think that is a waste of money to hire someone just for that. The business owner can just get a second line at their home specifically for the business and I think it would save us a lot of money in the long run.

Strategic objectives and Goals:
Adding nanny services might be a future expansion of the business.
If the business going to grow and then rent a small office.
We should sell some cleaning supplies
 Over time, we could expand into providing other support services to homeowners - such as pool cleaning, and maybe even landscape services.   There are certainly advantages to a customer to contract with one service provider who can tend to a number of their needs.  However, there are costs associated with providing these other services (equipment, chemicals, truck to haul equipment, etc) - and maybe some licensing requirements, so we would have to research them carefully.   We may be able to sub-contract out some of these services.  This is, of course, risky and requires are careful investigation of any business we seek to partner with in this manner. 

Management team:

I would have to agree with having a specialization but I do think that all of our employees need to be trained in all areas if that is what we are planning on doing. Maybe switching once a month rotating the different areas that way they have enough time to get familiar with each place just incase someone is out on vacation or what ever it may be.
If we do rotating, then I do not think that specialization is a good choice for defining our employee base.   That was going to be a marketing point - we provide our customers with employees who have specialized training and experience.
Certainly, we need more than one person skilled in "kitchens", for example, so that we are covered for vacations and illnesses.
Many companies put new employees "on probation" at first - meaning, the employee must demonstrate through job performance that they will be successful in performing their tasks. There is usually a probationary time period (for example, three months) during which time the employer can terminate the employee.  That policy needs to be in...

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