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Hotels Structure And The Importances Essay

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A Hotels Structure and its Importance
MGT 230

A Hotels Structure and its Importance
A hotels structure is extremely important for a hotel to succeed. Without the proper structure, a hotel can fail extremely fast. The reason for this is the structure of the hotel is like a tree. The main root is the manager or general manager of the hotel. This person provides the training and guidelines for each department and the requirements for the employees. So the one root will branch out into many branches. If a structure or a tree has a bad part of the structure the entire structure can fall.
My structure depends on the best of the hotel. It depends on the starting point ...view middle of the document...

When a hotel has a good structure this will create happy guest that will continue to come to the hotel or let friends and family know of the superior place they stayed at because of the good structure the hotel had. Other factors that can contribute to the structure of the hotel are the location of the hotel. Most people want to get off the Interstate, and there is their hotel. The guest does not want to drive miles from the Interstate or the event they will go to because will become costly in gas, and he or she could get lost easy. The guest will continue to tell others looking for a good hotel to stay at not to stay at this one because it is so far out of the way.
The structure of a hotel will begin with the General Manager, followed by reservations, sales, and marketing. These departments will follow, front desk supervisors, housekeeping supervisors, and maintenance supervisors. These departments following are front desk representatives, housekeepers, and maintenances. Then his or her structure will have a lobby cleaner, breakfast person, parking lot attendant, and grounds keepers. The general manager is responsible for the entire hotel and how the hotel runs and presented. The marketing department will provide the hotels information out to the public so they will know the hotels location and rates. The sales will work closely with the marketing department to book those groups that every hotel loves to have in house. These two departments are very high on the list of the structure of the hotel. The front desk people will make sure that any request from guest is met and each guest will be happy with the room location. Housekeeping will make sure the room is ready and clean for the guest. They will have fresh clean linens and towels for their room so they have the feeling of home. The maintenance will make sure everything in the room works properly and that the security features work properly as well as lighting outside. The parking lot will be clean of liter, and the trash cans will not be flowing over. It is important to see that it does not take one person to run a hotel properly but a complete set of good workers to run a hotel properly for the guest to feel as if he or she are in a home away from home.
I think that many people compare hotels to motels and think the businesses are run different from each other and by their structures. The obvious comparison is inaccurate when comparing hotels to motels. Most of the time motels are run by one person who will do each department. The motels do not have corporate orders on the certain types of lines to use, uniforms to where, or quality inspections...

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