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Hotel Paris Case Chapter 4 Essay

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Case Study
Professor K
Seung Joon Choi 32122606
Won Seuk Cho 32122603
Minh Nguyen 32145346
Yong Beom Park 32122594

Based on the Hotel Paris's competitive strategy "to use superior guest service to differentiate the Hotel Paris properties, I suggest these employee behaviors important for the Hotel Paris's staff to exhibit.
1. Employees show positive energy and be friendly with guests all the time, always look and talk to guests with a smile. Welcome guests with warm greetings, and end conversation with 'thank you'.
2. Employees remain calm and be supportive to guests regardless of situation. Know the standard of behaviors for various situations. Example: when guests are not happy, ...view middle of the document...

Job Description for
Front Desk Clerk at Hotel Paris

Job Title: Hotel Paris Front-Desk Clerk | Job Code: 11101 |
Recommended Salary Grade | Exempt/Nonexempt Status: Nonexempt |
Job Family: Service | EEOC: Service provider |
Division: | Reports to: Direct Hotel Manager |
Department: Service Department | Location: Paris |
| Date: April 3, 2016 |

I. Job summary
The main job for the position is to greet, register and assign rooms whenever the guests arrive. After that you will need to verify customers’ credit and establish how they will pay their bills. Then inform customers about hotel’s policies and rules. After that you need to escort customers to their assigned rooms.
Also, you will be answering phone calls to schedule reservations. In this process, you will be using out computer system to put in required information. If any new events or the updated food menu comes up, you need to inform customers. If any purchases are made by the customers such as buying breakfast, the payment should be recorded to our computer system.
On top of that, you will also be supervising our cleaning staff. You need to constantly make sure that all of our rooms are kept in condition or else, you will be responsible for any consequences.
Our hotel is providing personal taxi service, thus you need to inform our customers whether they want our taxi or not and arrange the schedule.
In addition to the primary task you will be required to perform to customers’ specific needs as the business is providing superior hotel service.
II. Relationships
A. Reports to: Direct hotel manager
B. Supervises: Cleaning Staff, Security Guards, Taxi drivers
C. Works with: All department managers, Chief, Guard Manager, Taxi Driver Manager
III. Required Knowledge and Experience
D. Related work experience: Prior service experience preferred. One...

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