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Hotel Industry Experience Essay

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Hotel Industry Dynamics Portfolio |
Hotel Industry Experience |
Sara Betts |
343291 |

This portfolio contains the assignment 1.3 Hotel Industry Experience and HACCP Certificate. |

Portfolio Assignment 1.3 Hotel Industry Experience3
HACCP Certificate11
Copy of the menu card12

Industry Experience – Portfolio assignment 1.3

1. Study the menu card of the company
a. Copy of the menu card can be found as an appendix.
b. The menu for the Ace Restaurant of the Avantgarde Hotel, Levent was developed by Mr. Adıgüzel (General Manager and the ...view middle of the document...

The menu looks professional and not cheap which suits the type of restaurant they are. Also offering a fixed menu is also a good option for bigger groups who come to eat at the restaurant.
2. Study the room rates the company offers
a. Which room rates are offered to guests in a low and in a high season?
January – March | €129 |
May – June | €149 |
July – August | €149 |
September - December | €129 |

Mentioned rates are the negotiated rates with businesses and agencies.
The low season base rate is €109.

b. There are 84 Guest Rooms including 63 Deluxe, 14 Grand Deluxe, 4 Superior Deluxe, 3 Residential Suite.
The difference within the price various from the size of the room, the room features, the view of the city.
There are 4 types of rooms for pricing:
* Non refundable breakfast
* Refundable breakfast
* Non refundable room only
* Refundable room only

The rate office checks the occupancy of other hotels, the dates of exhibitions, concerts, etc. The rate for fair dates are higher even when there is availability.
As for special offers and package deals they calculate the price according to the history they have with the company they will offer the special deal. The more that company comes to the hotel the better. They start with a fix rate for each company who would like to have a package deal and according to how many days they have came to the hotel they lower the price and/or offer extras.
* Pricing of the various room types: Although having rooms with and without breakfast can confuse the guests from time to time, I do agree with the made choice as it is also nicer for a guest who will not have breakfast within the hotel not the pay for it. However especially with group stays the difference between room with breakfast and room without breakfast could be made more clear for less confusion.
* Pricing in high and low season: I do agree on how they calculate the price for the high and low season. When there are exhibitions, concerts and etc.
* Special offers and package deals: I believe the system the hotel has for special offers and package helps them gain and maintain a good relationship with the companies.

3. Study three company or department schedules used in the last three weeks/months.
a. Only one department schedule could be received from the company.
Front Office:
For what they need to do they have AM and PM Check List. They also have a Night Shift Duties Report.
  | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday |   |
  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
P1 | 08:00-17:00 | 08:00-17:00 | 08:00-17:00 | 08:00-17:00 | 08:00-17:00 | 08:00-17:00 | Off | Front Office Manager |
P2 | 07:00-15:30 | Off | 15:00-23:30 | 15:00-23:30 | 15:00-23:30 | 15:00-23:30 | 15:00-23:30 |   |
P3 | 07:00-15:30 | 07:00-16:00 | Off | 15:00-23:30 | 15:00-23:30 | 15:00-23:30 | 15:00-23:30 | Shift Leader |
P4 | 22:00-07:00 | 22:00-07:00 | 22:00-07:00 |...

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