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Hotel Escargo, Unit 2 Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Hotel Escargo

Hotel Escargo
AIU – MGT656

This paper will have a well developed summary of the initial observations about Hotel Escargo. It will identify the hotel needs and rank them in order of importance. It will identify two to three areas for improvement for the hotel over the next three to six months. It will also refine those areas further into a job design and a measurement strategy for ensuring these changes are for improvement.

Hotel Escargo
A summary of the initial observations for Hotel Escargo to identify the hotel needs and rank them in order of importance. The simple things a hotel should have include WiFi, better placed ...view middle of the document...

A complimentary breakfast is a great way to attract customers because they want to wake up, have breakfast and then get one the road for the day (Keating, 2013).
Areas of Improvement
Hotel Escargo has a few areas in which improvements can be made in order to make the hotel better. The check-in and check-out system is the very first thing this hotel could use improvement on. This area is clearly in need of improvement since the times expected to check-in and check-out are exceeded. The check-in process is expected to be completed in four minutes or less. The average check-in time for guest on July 31st was four minutes and 51 seconds, the minimum time the check-in process took was two minutes and 23 seconds and the maximum time was eight minutes 45 seconds. The check-out process is expected to be completed in six minutes or less. The average check-out time for guest on August 1st was three minutes and 17 seconds, the minimum time the check-out process took was one minute and 66 seconds and the maximum time was four minutes and 56 seconds. If a guest request changes, their wait is expected to be in six minutes or less. The average change request time for guest on July 31st was ten minutes and 29 seconds, the minimum time for change request was six minutes and 55 seconds and the maximum time was thirteen minutes and 43 seconds (Hotel Escargo, 2013).
A complimentary breakfast can be a very important draw to gain new guest and keep returning guests. The hotel has many services and amenities which include room service, newspaper delivery, ATM, baggage storage, beverage area, complimentary concierge desk, elevators, gift shop, laundry / valet service, local area transportation, lounge, luggage hold, multi-lingual staff, news stand, safety deposit box, shoe shine stand, tour desk, audio / visual equipment rental, business center, express mail, fax, meeting rooms, modem, notary public, photo copying service, printer, secretarial service, video conferencing, fitness room, and cribs. A complimentary breakfast is not included in this list of amenities and services and according to Keating (2013), it is important to the guest to have one.
Travelers tend to have forgotten items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. By keeping these types of items in stoke at the hotel they can make their guest happy. If a traveler begins to unpack and goes to take a shower, they may realize they forgot soap, so they call down to the front desk and ask for some. The front desk can send the soap right up, which makes the guest happy and a potential return guest.
Job Design
In order to improve the check-in and check-out system for the hotel, first test the check-in and check-out system for bugs. By checking for bugs, the hotel can improve the system if any glitches are slowing the system down. Testing for glitches should only take a few days. The second recommendation is to retrain the employees working the check-in and check-out system in order to make...

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