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Hotel And Restaurant Management Essay

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STDY 80: Studying & Learning Final Projects: Research Paper

“An Overview of the Hospitality and Restaurant Management Profession”

December 12, 2006

By: John Doe

STDY 80: Studying & Learning Prof: Kathleen E. High, M.Ed. Mt San Antonio College

Hospitality & Restaurant Management

Doe: i

Thesis Statement: A person who wants to become a professional in the Hospitality and Restaurant Management field should consider gaining both experience and an educational degree in order to enjoy a successful career.

Purpose: To help the author understand what it will take to become a professional in the HRM field.

Audience: Professor

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Enjoy working with people; but not sure how I would do following instructions f. Conclusion – I will keep researching the field i. Audit some more classes at Mt. SAC. ii. Spend more time speaking with professors or counselors iii. Find out if the majors offered are suitable for me. iv. Figure out what would happen if enrolled in the program; where to go from here!

Hospitality & Restaurant Management

Doe: 1

The HRM profession is multi-faceted because of the nature of the hospitality and restaurant industry. Because it is the single largest employer in the United States outside of the government (, the industry crosses all demographics and populations and offers a great deal of opportunities. The profession entails anything from menu planning to working out the next marketing plan to make the establishment appealing. A person could enter the field through different ways, by acquiring an educational degree or by gaining experience as a restaurant or hotel worker and working his or her way up. Combining both elements of education and experience may be the best approach. A person who wants to become a professional in the HRM field should consider gaining both experience and an educational degree in order to enjoy a successful career. As a starting point, I contacted Dr. Al-Malood (personal communication, December 1, 2006), Professor and Area Coordinator in the Hospitality Management program here at Mt SAC. I wanted to find out what in his opinion, is the difference in having and not having an education in this particular field. In explaining the HRM field, he had this to say: HRM is business management, and management is part science and part art. The science aspect deals with the clear technical issues, producing P&L statements, other financial statements,

operating equipment, executing a task, etc. The art aspect deals with the intangible things in dealing with different personalities, making decisions, innovating, dealing with conceptuals. A person who commits himself to going to college will acquire many of these skills in a very short period of time under the guidance of a faculty member. He also said that education “equips students with the necessary training, skills and tools to be successful and effective managers.” In response to the argument that people can also succeed in the business by working their way from the bottom up, he does not disagree. “Education through experience certainly has it merits,” he said, but that it is not perfect and has “deficiencies.” Ultimately he believes that a combination of both education and experience are crucial to having a successful career. As he eloquently stated, “Education and experience go hand in hand…one is always incomplete without the other.” I found the interview to be greatly insightful, and do hope to be able to attend one of his courses in the near future. The courses offered for someone interested in the HRM field is diverse. At Mt SAC, one can pursue an...

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