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Hot Tubs & Jacuzzis Costa Del Sol

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What benefits can be derived from a modern Jacuzzi Spa for stress relief? The word spa is taken from the famous natural mineral water springs at Spa in Belgium and has become used as a common noun to describe any place with a mineral or medicinal spring
What benefits can be derived from a modern Jacuzzi Spa for stress relief? The word spa is taken from the famous natural mineral water springs at Spa in Belgium and has become used as a common noun to describe any place with a mineral or medicinal spring
If one goes back in time to Roman times it is interesting to note that of all the various leisure options available at that time that bathing in warm water sometimes using naturally heated ...view middle of the document...

This was very much a routine daily activity for men of every class and indeed many women. Bathing today is considered a private activity carried out in the home but bathing in Rome was very much a communal activity carried out usually in public baths. One had only to look at the Roman Baths that survive to see that in many ways they resemble the modern health spas that we have today although one imagines and hopes that they were less expensive. The acceptance of bathing as the main event in daily life belongs to the Roman way of doing things and at the height of the Roman Empire, the thermal baths embodied the ideal Roman way of urban life. Examples of these Roman Hot Tubs can found today. In Britain, there is of course the aptly named City of Bath. In Spain on the Costa del Sol near Manilva and not far away from the famous Roman Oasis Restaurant are the Roman baths of Hedionda. In addition, at Campo Valdes, in Gijon Roman Baths in Antequera Spain and at many other locations in Spain. On of my favourites is at Bolonia just north of Tarifa on the Costa de Luz on the N340 road to Cadiz. This example of an Ancient Roman Hot Tub can still be seen today. Fees for both types of baths were quite reasonable, and within the budget of most free Roman males. Since the Roman workday began at sunrise, work was usually over at little after noon. About...

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