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Hospitals That Treat Just For A Buck

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Hospitals That Treat Just for a Buck
Everyday people flood the rooms of hospitals all across the world for many different reasons, but without them consciously knowing they may be getting taken advantage of. I understand that medical care and hospitals are a necessity but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at them just like you would any other business offering a service. Some people enter a hospital for minor treatment, others may get admitted and never leave, the harsh reality of hospitals to me are scary enough. So why should you have to worry if someone is benefiting even more from our pain and sickness. I believe that a hospital that is non-profit would be anyone’s best chance ...view middle of the document...

First, you must understand that this person started off as a nurse and then moved on to the administrative side of things. They now work for a major non-profit hospital and seemed to honestly be completely unbiased during the discussion of their experiences in the two different types of hospitals. First, Becky wanted me to understand that giving the hospitals the labels of “non-profit” and “for-profit” is something that can be tricky because these names can be deceiving. Although, a hospital or institution may be called non-profit doesn’t mean that they don’t make money. Non-profit organizations are also exempted from taxes and catch scrutiny for this from their counterparts that feel they don’t do enough to deserve it. Even though they get this special exemption they are still expected to put their profits back into the hospital, technology, services that are provided, and their own community as well as the under privileged. On the other hand a hospital that is for-profit has to worry about turning a profit for all the people who hold stake in that organization. So, even though both make a substantial amount of money, it seems as if non-profits only have their employees and patients to consider in their spending. For-profits are trying to get the maximum wage so that the people who invested in the organization or hospital can benefit. After learning a bit of the so called facts, one can’t help but to wonder at what cost does for-profit hospitals give up just to make a buck.
Overall, even studying how non-profits work from the business side of things, differences between the two types of ownerships start to come even more apparent. Peter F. Drucker a famous business consultant and author, describes a non-profit organization as a “human change agent” (Drucker, Chapter 3). By this he meant that their mission and sole goal should be to help people learn, grow, and be able to adapt to anyone’s needs. Customers, patients, or visitors should be priority number one, and the idea of profit should never exceed their mission to make human kind better. He even describes one of bad quality of a non-profit institute, which is that even if they have no progress in a certain area they still spend time and money attempting to achieve their main priority. Personally, I feel that if this is a bad quality than they are doing a whole lot better than most other businesses.
After, discussing the common differences and learning some interesting facts about the two different types of ownerships, I began to ask Becky about her own personal experiences working at the two different types of hospitals. One of the first obvious questions I had for her was if their services differed in multiple ways. I wanted to know if for-profit hospitals seemed to care about their patients needs or did they just see dollar signs in each patient that walked through the door. I also wanted to know if she thought they called for unnecessary tests to run up the...

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