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Hospitality Information Systems And Users Essay

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Hospitality Information Systems and Users

September 2, 2013

Hospitality Information Systems and Users
In America today there are several agencies, companies, and organizations that contribute information systems that help consumers with decision. Technology has continued to increase and bring new ways to obtain information. The computer user of these types of information systems has evolved as well. Each individual user can gather, send out, or just read information out on the Internet. Organizations use the information systems to keep sections files, records, employee training, and financial paperwork in order. Theses systems help maintain a record and keep the files ...view middle of the document...

The technology systems are essential for any business to keep track of daily transactions and maintaining the availability of these transactions for the company to use. This is part of the accounting portion of the business comes in. The accounting business software is a mandate requirement and essential for several types of commercial organizations. Companies from a smaller scale environment to a worldwide organization will need accounting business software for operating the business. There is another alternative and that would be to create software that meets the business’ specific needs and requirements for accounting. This would be a huge success to a bigger corporation that has several software programmers as employees. These programmers can be directed to complete a team project for the company because he or she has ideas of what the business needs for software. This is an advantage for the business because the programmers can work with other employee and receive feedback on the software programs. The programmers will continue to improve on the software until each employee and managers are content with the options in the software.
Management is normally defined as directing, organizing, controlling, and planning the business operations. This explanation evolved from the work of Henri Fayol in the early 1920 to 1940. Fayol said managerial excellence is a technically ability and can be acquired (Fayol, 2012). The definition explains what a manager does, but it may be more appropriate to define what management is then what management really does. Management is a process of distributing an organization’s efforts, including economic, and human resources by directing, organizing, controlling, and planning for the reason to producing services or goods. These goods or services are desire items by consumers and the organization’s objectives are complete. Every manager should have knowledge of directing, organizing, controlling, and planning of a business this will make decisions easier because the choice was made from basis of facts accurately on a timely manner.
Hospitality marketing is an effort focus on increasing revenue in the hospitality environment. This process is advertising a product or service to consumers and meeting those specific needs of the consumer. Most of the hospitality industry relies on marketing to advertise products or services to consumers not spending money because of the economy. The hotels have to show low pricing, excellent service, and quality in the business....

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