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Hospital Scheduling Essay

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Reducing Wait Times in OR at a large Hospital

A project fromThe Centre for Operations Excellence Sauder School of Business Mats Gerschman Restricted distribution for MHA SPHA 542

Mini Case SPHA 542 University of British Columbia

Reducing Wait Times in OR at a large Hospital
Within this Hospital there are 9 different operating rooms used by 25 different surgeons who perform a multitude of elective and emergency procedures. Currently, approximately 60% of the over 8000 surgeries completed each year are elective. In one year approximately 65% of patients who received elective surgery waited longer than the standards set by the hospital. George was recently hired to the ...view middle of the document...

The anticipated methods are: • Process mapping of all applicable hospital systems

Centre for Operations Excellence | Sauder School of Business | University of British Columbia M a t s G e r s c h m a n

Reducing Wait Times in OR at a large Hospital

A project fromThe Centre for Operations Excellence Sauder School of Business Mats Gerschman Restricted distribution for MHA SPHA 542
• • • • Data analysis using a variety of techniques in order to fit various statistical models, forecast demand, analyze system utilization Simulation modeling and queuing analysis of patient flow Scenario and data analysis using the simulation model Integer programming for block scheduling of operating room

Expected Benefits
George had to clearly elaborate on what the benefits would be for the Hospital in order to convince management of his approach. He decided to suggest initially doing a thorough analysis of the hospital’s current operating model and identifying key resource bottlenecks. Recommendations for reducing wait times and other improvements based on data and scenario analysis would be presented to the hospital at the end of the project. George also knew, and it is a well known fact, that Canada’s healthcare system faces many challenges. One of them is long patient waiting times for surgeries. The findings and outcome of this project would maybe be applicable to other hospitals. George had previously studied the practice of block scheduling in hospitals. He understood this to be pre-scheduled about 6 months at a time. In practice, the hospital would reserve its operating rooms in blocks of 2-3 hours or more for certain type of procedures certain days. This enabled the surgeons to know when they would have access to an operating room and how long. I.e. an orthopedic surgeon might have access to...

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