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Hospital Response Essay

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Hospital Response Plan: Fire Evacuation
A hospital, depending on its size can house hundreds of patients on any given day. Fire is a severe risk to the hospital because of its erratic nature. In this scenario, a fire in the mess hall has developed outside the staffs’ ability to successfully control and snuff out the fire. The fire has reached a level extreme enough to where management has deemed it necessary to call for a complete evacuation of the hospital. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (1996) stated that, “There are several factors which must be considered when planning for an evacuation, among these are the characteristics of the hazard or threat itself” ...view middle of the document...

(Hospital Evacuation section, para. 2).
The LEMSA or EOC may assist the hospital with identifying and coordinating placement and transport of patients and other support while the hospital is preparing and staging for evacuation of patients in accordance with local plans and protocols. If the LEMSA or EOC are unable to provide assistance, the hospital is responsible for identification of receiving facilities and securing the consent of those facilities for transfer. The hospital should have established protocols for evacuation, including medications, supplies, equipment, medical records summaries and patient tracking. (Hospital Evacuation section, para. 3).
The coordination plan takes into account every possible situation and the responses needed from external agencies. Without a comprehensive plan, employees will not know what their function is during an emergency; a small event can have the potential turn into utter chaos. An effective interagency coordination plan will give hospital employees the tools needed to adapt to any given emergency situation, improving response times and safety of patients, hospital staff, and external responding agencies. There will be an interagency coordination checklist, prepared communications, and essentials bags located in several locations throughout the hospital to support the nearest emergency communications center that will become operational during the evacuation.
During an initial fire alarm, the first step is accessing the priorities. New borne patents, patents in the ICU, and bed ridden patents will be the priority, and will require personal assistance to move them to the designated evacuation center. The hospital will send a current head count to the EOC. Once the severity of the fire is assessed, the first step will be to inform emergency firefighters to the location of the fire. Before starting a rescue, supervisors of the responding agencies will have to check into the EOC. The supervisors will receive:

* Chain of command chart
* Hospital diagram
* ICU locations

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