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Hospital And Long Term Care Essay

900 words - 4 pages

Hospital and Long-Term Care Facilities
Kevin L. Coleman
Strayer University
Professor: Dr. Kaluyu
HSA: 500
February 12, 2012

By 2030 it is estimate that the United State population will be over the age of 65. The baby boomer generation although active will be placed a financial burden on the country due the need of healthcare. With the uncertainty of MEDICARE the prospect maybe bleak, and long term care will be essential for the aging impact that about to occur. In order to get a grasp on the impact and the need for long term healthcare we have comprehend the important of non-profit and profit hospital, what are the growing trends; what are the difference between hospital and ...view middle of the document...

Although the difference is how they raised funding the similarities are there and that providing healthcare needs for their patients. This can be seen how they market themselves. Both use marketing strategies method such as marketing mix, target market identification, positioning branding, public relations and advertising. The difference between there marketing strategies (although very small) is the way they fulfill their customer’s needs. The nonprofit uses marketing to get people to donate funds for time and service, but profit hospital market strategy is to sell their product to the consumer (Gold 2010).
Describe at least three major trends that have occur within the hospital sector
Rising cost! The most significant trend in the healthcare industry today is the rising cost of care In 2004, employer health insurance costs rose 8 percent, almost three times the rate of inflation since 2000 employee health insurance cost have risen by 36% more than twice the 12.4 percent increase in average earnings, with 63 percent due the rising cost of prescription drugs. New medical technologies also account for the increase in health care costs. A traditional x-ray machine costs $175,000 while the current technology of a CAT scanner machine now can cost as much as 11 million or greater. Since the 1990’s employers began realizing that more managed care plans that limits patients choice of physicians and hospital and required that price approval will based on certain high-cost procedure (HMO/PPO) (Gold 2011).
Give three examples that describe and differentiate the role of hospitals and nursing homes in providing long term...

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