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Hospital And Healthcare Security Essay

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Hospital and Healthcare Security
Course SEC_330
March 17, 2013

Summary 3
Security Risks and vulnerability 3
Security Department organization and staffing 5
Security Force administration 5
Patient care involvement 6
Physical security safeguards 7
Electronic security system integration 8
Emergency preparedness 8
Conclusion 9
References 11


Maintaining adequate levels of security in hospitals and healthcare facilities is one of the most difficult issues of security in the presumed public spaces. Healthcare facilities are solo practice, physician offices, nursing homes and ambulatory care facilities. A hospital is a small town, but with greater ...view middle of the document...

This type of survey can be performed earthier by the security supervisor of the facility supervised by the security director, an outside consultant or both. Using both will give the expertise of the consultant and the inside knowledge of the security supervisor. These types of assessment must be conducted with the healthcare facility director to ensure compliance with the main administration objectives.

The Security Department organization and staffing

An organized and planned security plan in a healthcare organization is the second most important steps, should follow the workflow of the facility. These plans have a mission and set all the rules the facility must implement, it will be a long term plan that will also need financial support and a budget. The organization of the security department must arrange all the security and facility access controls, they must have a crime prevention plan, must coordinate with states public safety laws, how employees and staff will participate on the protection program and physical facilities and grounds design. According to K. Vellani (2006) “Security policies and procedures may include a security management plan, an emergency management plan, active shooter and hostage policies, medical records protection procedures, visitor management policies, and bomb threat procedures.”
The Security Force administration

Healthcare facilities can have different types of security recruits; they can have contracted external security company with or without an in-house security manager, in house security and off duty law officers. This Director or security VP must be an educated person and not like an ex-cop that do not only know about security factor of healthcare facilitates. This person must be well educated in security plans, local laws and in HIPAA regulations. After this VP/ Director we will have a supervisor. This supervisor must "According to Bonnie Michelman, Director of Police and Security, Massachusetts General Hospital, “A supervisor must have a commitment to support the organization in all his actions and deeds. When the supervisor cannot do this, it is time to separate from the organization. This does not mean the supervisor will always agree with the directives and policies of the organization. And it does not mean that these directives and policies are always right. Working for positive change is always a goal and responsibility of the supervisor. These efforts must be directed in a positive manner within the structure of the organization and not through ‘undermining, ‘regardless of how noble and right the goal.”
The Human Resources department must coordinate with the COO on how many security personnel they need. They must consider on the response timeof a situation, patrolling the facility and fixed watching posts to determine number of staffs. They must decide if they want to be an in house security or a contracted one. Depending on the facility the number of beds, schedule of service and...

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