Horrible Day Essay

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A Horrible Year

It was my fifteenth birthday and everything was happiness around me. My parents had been planning my fifteenth birthday party for more than a year, and finally the big day had come. My dad came to me and woke me up as he used to do it when I was a little girl. He sang to me the “Happy Birthday” song and gave me an envelope. A simple white envelope with a George Washington stamp on the up right corner and a manuscript in the middle of the envelope addressed to me. Inside the envelope was a letter adorned with different colors and drawings of flowers which read: “To my dear sister Wendy who is turning fifteen today… I hope you have a wonderful and unforgettable day”. I ...view middle of the document...

In Mexico your fifteenth birthday is very important because it marks the change from child to woman. Mexicans tend to make this the most special day for each girl. It was 6:30 P.M. and I was ready to enter the room that my father had rented for my big party. Suddenly I felt someone behind me hugged me. When I turned I saw Isobella who had come to my party. I was so happy that I began to cry. Everything was different in her, her hair, her eyes, and even her way of speaking. But that did not matter to me because I was happy that she was with me. Finally, everything seemed perfect, but the joy went away instantly when the happiest day of my life became my worst birthday.
Isobella felt unconscious to the floor. She had to be taken to the hospital because nobody could wake her up. My father and Davis took her immediately, while my mother, my younger sister Heidy and I stayed at the party until all guests were gone. I was very worried about Isobella because it seemed she was very ill. Still, I had the worst and endless hours of my life waiting for the feast to finish so I could go to the hospital and see what was happening. However, my mother had different plans. She dropped me and my sister in my grandmother’s house. During the whole night I could not sleep because I was very mad. I had been left behind as if no one cared about me and I was very concerned about Isabella’s health. I wanted to be part of the action and be considered a helpful member of the family, but instead, they forgot about me, my birthday, and my feelings.

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