Horizontal Commitments Of Canada Essay

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WTO Services Database Output Limitations on Market Access Limitations on National Treatment Additional Commitments Notes

Cross-border and consumption abroad

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None, other than: - Tax measures that result in differences of treatment with respect to expenditures made on scientific research and experimental development services - Ontario - Tax measures resulting in differences of treatment with respect to payments for management services made to affiliated non-residents. Foreign corporations carrying on business in Ontario must appoint an Ontario agent for service of legal documents. - Alberta - First ...view middle of the document...

e., Canadian private corporations that are not controlled by non-residents and/or public corporations) - Measures conferring a tax exemption or reduction of tax to, or in respect of services supplied by, a service supplier which is a part of or is directly or indirectly owned by government - Federal and sub-central governments, when disposing of their equity interests in, or the assets of, a service supplier which is owned by such governments, may prohibit the ownership of such interests or assets by non-Canadian investors or their investments; and may impose limitations upon the ownership of such interests or assets, and on the ability of owners of such interests or assets to control any resulting enterprise, by non-Canadian investors or their investments. With respect to any such sale or other disposition, Canada may adopt or maintain any measure relating to the nationality of senior management or members of the board of directors. - Measures related to the supply of services required to be offered to the public generally in the following subsectors may result in differential treatment in terms of benefits: income security or insurance social security or insurance social welfare or price: public education training health child care - A majority of the directors of federally incorporated corporations in Canada must be Canadian citizens or persons ordinarily resident in Canada - Agreements between Canada and any aboriginal person or organisation, and measures by Canada and its Provinces and


HORIZONTAL COMMITMENTS Sector or Sub-sector Limitations on Market Access Limitations on National Treatment Additional Commitments
Territories, may provide for the favourable treatment of any aboriginal person or organization in relation to acquisition, establishment or operation of any commercial or industrial undertaking including providing: a) an aboriginal person or organization with a right of first refusal to establish a new, or acquire an existing, commercial or industrial undertaking; and b) a proposed or existing commercial or industrial undertaking of an aboriginal person or organization with favourable financial incentives or treatment - Alberta: At least 50 per cent of the directors of an Alberta Corporation must be resident Canadians. Extra-provincial corporations registered under the Alberta Business Corporations Act must appoint an individual who is resident in the province of Alberta as an attorney for service of legal documents. There are limitations on the sale of Crown land and non-urban real estate to a non-Canadian person. The Alberta Opportunity Fund gives priority to service suppliers owned and operated by Canadian citizens - British Columbia: The majority of directors of every corporation incorporated under provincial law shall be resident Canadians and at least one director must be resident in the Province. It is necessary to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to be eligible for a crown grant of land. -...

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