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The Hopi people of Arizona are one of the Southwestern Pueblo native tribes from the northeast. Archaeologists believe the Hopi people emerged into the southwest originally from the area now South America, Central America, and Mexico. They believe the Hopi people migrated to Arizona by way of movement along the Colorado Plateau. They are farmers and thought to have migrated by abandoning villages once the land could no longer be cultivated, or possibly destroyed by natural disasters. The Hopi are tied to the archaeological sites in and around the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau which they consider sacred ground (Coder 2000). The current reservation is in the northeastern part of ...view middle of the document...

While history tells us the Grand Canyon area where the Hopis dwell was formed by erosion of wind and water from the Colorado River, the Hopi people share the story of how the same two brothers Pokunghoya and Plongahoya created the canyons by throwing lightning bolts that scored the earth during a game of stick ball (Clemmer 1995:15-16).The Hopi use these oral stories which are often referred to as myths to pass down their history so their heritage will carry on through their offspring. Although their stories seem a little far fetched with spider women and brothers playing with lightening rods, it doesn’t actually take away from what archaeologists believe to be the truth. As children, we hear fairy tales and stories about our ancestors that give us a picture of our history but in many ways there are always embellishments! Especially for children, stories must be intriguing in order to retain focus and interest. I believe the Hopi set out with the same concept and began story telling and original songs that would be interesting enough to their children but still giving an explanation to their existence. Wesley Bernardini, a professor of anthropology, believes that the Hopis use oral traditions as a source of theory of the past and not intended to be a true source of raw historic data...

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