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Hope Is The Thing With Wings

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Where there is no faith; Hope could not exist
Michelle Savoy
ENG 125: Introduction to Literature
Prof. Maria Rasimas
Nov. 3, 2014

Much like her poem “Because I could not stop for death”, Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is the thing with feathers” (Dickinson, 1861) , gives tribute to her religious roots. She uses a metaphor by describing hope in the form of a bird that becomes quite extensive as she builds on this metaphor later in the work. The use of a bird symbolizes freedom and almost an invincibility, capable of rising above storms and an element that is not easily defeated making it a sign of victory. While everyone will experience unfavorable times at one point or another in their ...view middle of the document...

Hope comes from inside of an individual which is why it can be found anywhere at any time. It can be pulled out of the individual as needed and it can never be taken from you. It is almost as if to say that there is a super power within us that will help us get through every hard time in our lives and is available on command.
The tone of this poem is very mellow offering figurative language like; would be abash, sweetest in the gale, and on the strangest sea. The author personifies hope by giving it a voice “And sings the tune without the words” (Dickinson). She also uses words interchangeably to emphasize its meaning. For example she uses storm and sea, bird and feathers interchangeably. They mean the same thing but she is driving home her point of hope being easily accessible at all times.
In this poem Dickinson uses “recurring rhythmical patterns” (Clugston, 2014) to create this soft yet encouraging mood of the poem. She rhymes in small bits throughout the poem that changes the way I would read it. When listening to the book version of the audio...

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