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Hope And Utopia Essay

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These days it’s all about the hardware that you’re packing and the crew you roll around with. If you’re just a random on the streets you’re most likely going to get jumped or shot. This is what one young man named Cedric Jennings has to face in his senior year of high school, in one of Washington D.C. most corrupt neighborhoods. He comes into many difficult challenges and problems though out his years in Washington but his hardest will be his peregrination though his senior year and making his way to collage. This young man is just trying to stay out of trouble and get into one of the most respected universities in the U.S. But along the way he faces many difficult situations and maybe ...view middle of the document...

I mean in Utopia “either man or women, by their age and strength, are capable of labour”(More 35). To me this could help out Cedric in a big way, because with this type of lifestyle he would be able to study and go where he wants to without the worry of getting picked on for what he wants to do with his life. This is one of the big pluses about the Utopian way of life, because they support anyone who wants to better their education. Maybe this could help out our society today. With the people that want to be educated in school and those who want to work, at work then it could be a much better way to live.
One of the things that Cedric has to overcome is the fact that he needs to decimate his habits of selling drugs. I mean when your trying to get into high end collages like he is, you don’t need to be selling drugs on your spare time. He should be studying or attempting to work on his schoolwork some more. He doesn’t need to be at the barbershop, thinking about how “its going to be mighty busy, about thirty customers coming”(Suskind 52). See he makes his mom think he is just working and cutting hair, but he is very often selling drugs at the same time. I mean he even buys some for himself and then breaks “out a stub of plastic straw, he snorts down the powder”(Suskind 53). This is most defiantly why he cannot be hitting up heroin, and trying to get into high-end collages.
Also in Utopia they believe that your state of mind should always be in the proper place. There is no reason why you should keep your mind out of the gutter. They just hate to find cavil in anyway possible. I mean they really want “all the people as much time as is necessary for the improvement of their minds”(More 37). This is why with the Utopian way you do not need to be using mind-altering substances. The Utopians would rather inure their minds with useful knowledge rather then hitting up some heroin after work. One of the biggest sayings the Utopians had was “The pleasures of the mind lie in knowledge”(More 52). To me this is basically saying that if you don’t improve your brain there is no point to be part of their society. Which is a very good thing, if you want to go smoke dope in society you should just leave and find another place to live.
The most mind blowing problem that Cedric faces his the fact that he never got to know who his father was. Most guys when they grow up want to chill and hang out with their fathers. His own father when he finds out that his mom was pregnant with Cedric he told his mother “You already got two kids. Why you need more?”(Suskind 28). This is coming from man who had “more to his criminal past than she had at first thought”(Suskind 27). These kinds of criminal charges were those of bank robberies, gunpoint crimes, and that he would deal and use drugs. I mean his father would not have any penitent for any of the crimes he had committed. This is why you can tell that his father was not even close to being...

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