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Honey Farm Essay

771 words - 4 pages

An online business expansion proposal for Hector’s Honey farm
Mohamed Hag Ali
Westerner Governors University

A- Sitemap:
B- Website mockup pages:

C- Projected web development & maintenance cost:
The website is designed to help the honey farm to expose the products and services online. The header include the name of the farm, address, and their products. The footer include e-mail address, phone number, and sitemap. The menu bar include the content in the website, products, and services. Each link to lead to full description of the product, prices, and a connection to the shopping cart. Shopping cart where customer will pay for their purchase. The shopping cart include ...view middle of the document...

Here are breakdown of the cost per each services:
· Website development cost: not all websites are created equally they vary greatly as the level of functionality, usability, and easily to update. The cost start at $750.00 for basic website functions, it will act as a company brochure with no e-commerce or social media connections, it will establish online presence and what services you provide. To beat competitors you need more functionality to generate traffic and profit. For the farm website to start a budget of $1200.00 – $3500.00 must put a side for development. This will not be the final price. The final price will grow up by adding more features, for example adding a sharp image and logo will add $100.00 more. Mobile devices connectivity will add another 20% more than website designed for desktop browsing computers. To avoid extra cost the farm may pay the programmer to deliver a blank design template then add the content later. There are more extras can be improve the business but will raise the prices. Some of the extra features are blogging, which enable the business interact with bloggers by update content, news feeds, newsletters, advertising integration, contact forms and surveys
· Domain and hosting: Domain is unique name given to specific company and hosting is renting space in the server to hold that name. The prices are around $10.00 per month, there is a great discount by buying...

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