Homosexuals In Military Essay

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Harley D. Gonzalez
English VI
30 March 2011
Serving under one flag
Should homosexuals be allowed to serve in the military openly? Many people believe that they should not be allowed to serve in the military. Though there reasons are unclear as to why they feel this way; many people feel they will not be well suited to warfare, and that a heterosexual male would be better suited. As to why they believe this is still very unclear. There are however a few good reasons as to why they should not serve openly. With homosexuals openly serving in the military it will cause dissention in the ranks and platoons they are in. Also if it gets to a bad enough degree they could segregate the ...view middle of the document...

All men who joined would be presumed heterosexual and it would be less likely for heterosexual males to be suspicious of their bunk mates. Also some men would refuse to serve with a homosexual and would disobey orders and argue with their commanding officer. The more that happened the bigger problem it would be for homosexuals to serve. Eventually they could separate homosexuals from heterosexuals all together.
It is a proven military strategy to separate your enemy forces and eliminate them separately; thus reducing their numbers and fighting capability. If gays openly serve in the military then it will cause problems for a lot of the platoons they are in. If it gets bad enough they could separate the military into two parts. Homosexual and heterosexual, on top of causing further discrimination between the two sexually oriented parties it would also effectively cut our fighting forces in half. And that would lead to the United States military having less effectiveness and a higher death rate. In order for our military to function properly it must be a single unified body fighting for a common goal. If we start labeling our units in any way other than their M.O.S (Military Occupational Specialty) then it would only further separate them and cause fighting, dissention, and malice. If feelings of hatred and other such feelings start forming in the squads and platoons; then it will start fights in the company and in the platoons. However the fights will not be directed towards other companies. It will progress to a company fighting within itself to a point of inner collapse of rank structure.
There would be increased reports of malice and hate crimes in the military. More court marshals would happen on the grounds of...

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