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Homosexuals At War Essay

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Sociology Research Paper 1
George Barnes
Strayer University

In this research paper I will attempt to find meaning of why gays in the Armed Forces was outlawed and shunned. In my 20 years in the U.S. Army, I have met many gays, open and hidden. Is it right for society and our government to say no you cannot serve your county and defend the Constitution of the United States? Men women who are all capable of performing duties required by different jobs in the Armed Forces, some better than others. Are they different people because of their sexual orientation?

Homosexuality at War
Homosexuality is defined in our text books as a sexual attraction to ...view middle of the document...

As long as you did not appear gay, show tendencies, or “act” gay, you were able to serve. And no one was able to question you about it. Since 1994 over 12,000 service members have been discharged for being gay. Today our new President Barrack Obama said in his first State of the Union that he would work to rid the law that prohibits gays from serving in the Armed Forces but is still meeting resistance. But on July, 2011 the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy was repealed.
What are the differences between the gay male and female to where they cannot perform just as any heterosexual individual? I don’t believe there is any physical limitations or even mental reasoning behind why. I think its more of an atmosphere problem. What will it do to the environment amongst straight soldiers. It will make others uncomfortable, cause problems with the “homophobics”. I have served for 20 years in the U.S. Army and one of my best friends is gay. He has said he was born gay and has been that way since he could remember. His current mate is a Columbian national male. He has a dilemma because his mate cannot get a visa to come live with him and his state does not recognize same sex marriages, and neither does the Army for that matter. He has a great career with the Army. He moved through the ranks really fast, he is one rank away from the top enlisted rank attainable. He is a stellar individual and knows his job better than anyone I know. Physically he is built like the stereotypical Navy Seal. You think of this enormous muscular tall scary man, a killing machine. You would never know he was gay, he’s no way flamboyant, nor would I classify him as a metro sexual. He doesn’t do anything feminine. He is just is attracted to males. Currently he is debating on leaving his career for his relationship. Definitely would be a great loss for the U.S. Army.
When soldiers are asked why they think gays should not serve in the military, you get a variety of answers. From the immature, younger soldiers fresh out of high school. “They might try to hit on me”, or “I don’t want them staring at me in the shower”. Most of those answers are out of...

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