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Homosexuality: Is It A Choice? Essay

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Homosexuality: Is it a Choice?
Alisa Johnson
March 10, 2016
Liberty University
EDUC 600

For decades there has been an ongoing debate over whether being homosexual is genetic or a choice. After many researchers conducted a multitude of trials and test there is still no definitive answer to the question. Even after all the data that has been collected affirming that it is in fact genetic, there have been leaks found in those test that suggest there is some bias on the researchers part. A lot of the researchers who have conducted successful test are in fact homosexuals themselves. There have also been discoveries that complete information was disclosed at time of trials being ...view middle of the document...

The Egyptians believed that homosexuality was auspicious. Having anal intercourse with the god was a sign of a man’s mastery over fear of the god. In Greece, homosexuality was exalted. The seduction of young boys by older men was expected and honored. The males were raised to be bisexual. They were to produce a large number of offspring and head a family, as well as have a male lover. These factors would back the thought that people are not in fact born homosexual or bisexual but that they are made that way via exposure to that lifestyle and worldview (2012).
The most frequent pattern in adolescent’s sexual development is heterosexuality, sexual attraction or behavior directed to the other sex. Many teens experiment with homosexuality. Around 20 – 25% of boys and 10% of girls have at least one same-sex sexual encounter (Feldman, 2014). Alfred Kinsey, a sex researcher, argued that sexual orientation should be viewed as a continuum in which “exclusively homosexual” is at one end and “exclusively heterosexual” at the other. In between are people who show both homosexual and heterosexual behavior (Feldman, 2014).
In 1991 J. Michael Bailey and Richard C. Pillard published a study that examined adopted brothers, identical twins and fraternal twins to try and establish a genetic link to homosexuality. Monozygotic or identical twins, they are conceived from one egg and one sperm while dizygotic or fraternal twins are conceived from two different eggs and two different sperm. Research found that 52% of the identical twins were reportedly homosexual, while only 22% of the fraternal twins were homosexual. However, “identical twins reared together share more significant environmental influences than non-identical twins reared together.” (LeVay, 2011) More recent studies have recruited pairs of twins from preexisting list or registries of twins that were created without reference to sexual orientation. Those studies conducted across the world, had the following finding: Australia, 30% of the men and 55% of the women, Sweden, 36% of men and 19% of women, Finland, 45% of men and 50% of women and in the United States, 0 % of men and 40% of the women tested (LeVay, 2011).
In 1991, Dr. Simon LeVay conducted a study on difference in the hypothalamus which is a brain structure. He evaluated 35 men, 19 homosexuals and 16 heterosexuals. The hypothalamus was found to be generally larger in heterosexual men than in homosexual men. However, it was later concluded that those homosexual men all died of AIDS. So there may be a direct correlation between having an illness or disease and the size of the hypothalamus. The fact that the men were homosexual may have in fact had nothing to do with the change in size of the hypothalamus (Horton, 1995).
Dennis McFadden and Edward G. Pasanen published a study on auditory systems. The study considered differences in echo-like waveforms emitted from an inner ear structure of people with normal hearing (McFadden & Pasanen,...

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