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Homosexuality Is A Choice I Was Asked To Do A Paper On Each Side Of A Controversial Topic I Chose Homosexuality. This Is The Opposition Paper. *Just For The Record, I Support Homosexuals

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In today's society, the question has arisen of homosexuality being a choice or being "pre-programmed" into the body. This inquiry is often known as the "nature vs. nurture" debate. Generally speaking, these two conflicting perspectives fall into pre-existing political categories. The "nature" prospect, which typically falls within the platform of liberals, is the belief that homosexuality is genetically predetermined. This also happens to be the viewpoint that psychologists and mental health professionals tend to side with. The opposing belief, the "nurture" prospect, is generally viewed as a more conservative viewpoint. This belief, which suggests that homosexuality occurs due to one's ...view middle of the document...

There even exists many men and women that refer to themselves as "gay for pay." The phrase, "gay for pay," refers to heterosexual men and women that participate in homosexual activities for money, such as porn stars.Because being homosexual is not genetic, homosexual tendencies can be changed and prevented (Sheldon). Some homosexuals may have been raised solely by the opposite sex and, therefore, learned their tendencies (Sheldon). For instance, a small male child may have been raised by his mother and grandmother. That child may find himself very attached to them and, as small children do, imitate their behaviors, such as the way they talk or wear cosmetics. This may also be true if a child's guardians are homosexual partners. Because these gender-confused behaviors are present so early on, many claim that homosexuality is genetic. This, however, is not the case. If it were, then the pattern of gender-confused children becoming homosexuals would be true in all cases. Many parents have had a child that has experienced gender confusion, such as a little girl that thinks she is a boy. That child may not become gay because once her parents take notice of the behaviors, they have a chance to correct them by teaching the child to distinguish between the two sexes. This would help to prevent homosexual behavior in the future. Because homosexuality may have been learned early in life, therapy can be helpful in the "reprogramming" of an individual (Sheldon). This "reprogramming" would be similar to a therapist curing someone with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The therapist would find out how the problem began, teach the patients to resist his or her temptations, and after the habits are broken, instruct the patient on how to live a life of normalcy.Most liberals disagree with my claim that homosexuality is a choice. They claim that homosexuality is genetically predetermined (Lee). They believe that homosexuals are born gay and, therefore, cannot avoid or change being homosexual. Many liberals even claim that homosexuality is God ordained (Lee). As such, it is viewed as being on par with heterosexuality. They argue that the Bible verses, which seem to prohibit homosexuality, have actually been yanked out of context from their original meaning or that they only applied to the culture existing at the time they were written (Lee). They believe that many or most conservatives are intentionally taking scriptures out of context and are often deliberately construing their prejudice against homosexuals (Lee). They also argue that the Bible is not well translated and should be taken literally in its original language (Lee). The problem with conservatives, they...

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