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For society, homosexuality can be described as a very controversial issue. It does not matter where you live. Although in many societies gay men and lesbians are more accepted than in the past, a term called “homophobia” which is prejudice against homosexuals are prominent around many parts of the world. In Latin America, there is a dominant culture called “machismo”, which is sort of like a gay community, or cult. It’s basically about homosexuality and same-sex sexual relations . According to an AIDS charity website, in 2005, a gay man was murdered in Latin America because of his sexuality. But progressive legislation is being implemented by the government, and they’re ...view middle of the document...

A recent survey of thirty-seven European countries found that over half of LGBT young people had experienced bullying at school because of their sexual orientation. Homophobic slurs and jokes, and stereotypes are among the biggest complaints from the LGBT community. Their feelings also play a huge role. For example, generally, boys are often stereotyped as the strong and macho-man type attitude. But when they cry or show too much emotion or something, people label them as “homosexual”.
Community based organizations play an important role in addressing homophobia. They have the scope to provide support to LGBT people who might feel isolated, especially in societies where homosexuality is illegal. Such groups can also influence the attitudes of the general public and can campaign for tolerance towards homosexuality.
Finally, many governments throughout the world uphold laws that ban homosexuality. Repealing these laws would reduce discrimination against LGBT people, encouraging societies to embrace the diversity of different sexualities. Eradicating homophobia is crucial for improving quality of life for LGBT people, promoting fundamental human rights, and also preventing the spread of HIV. 
Speaking of HIV, this is another reason why society looks down upon gays. Did you know that more gays die of HIV/AIDS than heterosexual people do? Differences in sexual behaviors do not fully explain why the US HIV epidemic affects gay men so much more than straight men and women. In 2005, over half of new HIV infections diagnosed in the US were
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among gay men, and up to one in five gay men living in cities is thought to be HIV positive. AIDS is by far most common among the homosexual population in the United States, primarily because the type and frequency of sexual contact, combined with STDs, is the perfect method of spreading a body-fluid borne virus. According to statistics, In the USA, it is estimated that nearly 255,000 homosexuals were living with HIV/AIDS in 2007, and nearly 5,400 of them had died. Around forty- eight percent of all people diagnosed with AIDS in the US in 2007 were probably exposed to HIV through same sex sexual contact.
This is a huge controversial issue. But many gays are not intimidated by anything. They keep on living their lives as normal people. Sure, they face prejudice and discrimination by society at times. But who is to blame? No one. Although there are some people who accept them in society, many do not. And that is totally okay.
After all, there is a host of behaviors widely deemed wrong that many gay activists and liberals would nevertheless insist ought to be legal, homosexuality is just to begin with. Or smoking marijuana, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, prostitution, and all of the above. Each of these is condemned by a lot of people. But like stated...

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