Homosexual Marriages Should Have The Same Rights As Heterosexual

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· Introduction
· Homosexual Marriages Should Have the Same Rights as Heterosexual Marriages.
· Comparisons to Other Countries
· Europe
· Africa
· Background
· First Argument with Gay Marriage
· Changes in the Ability to Get Married
· Hate Crimes
· Identification of Policy Alternatives
· Legalizing Gay Marriage Amongst All States
· Legalizing Gay Marriage Amongst All States, but Naming it “Civil Unions”
· Legalizing Gay Marriage/Civil Unions Against Some States, Recognizing it in All
· Recommendation
· References

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Also, there have been claims in regards to naturalization and marriages. In heterosexual marriages, if one of the spouses is not naturalized, then after marriage they automatically become naturalized. This is not the situation for the same-sex marriages. If they marry someone who is not naturalized, then their marriage to a same-sex person will not naturalize them, and they could possibly face the struggles of the naturalization process.
America in Comparison to Other Countries
In other countries, the topic of same sex marriage is a less harsh reality. In the Netherlands, Demark, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, and Spain, political officials and the public have dealt with the issue of gay marriage and put it in the past. As of 2007, these countries have allowed civil unions in their countries. Although the term of “marriage” has not been incorporated with the union, they still allow homosexual couples to join in a civil union to have the same exact rights as a heterosexual marriage. In Amsterdam at approximately midnight on April 1, 2011, Mayor Job Cohen performed the world’s first same-sex marriage at city hall. This event marked the Netherlands to be the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage. In city hall where the marriage took place, there is a plaque to commemorate it. In 2003, Belgium became the second country to recognize gay marriage, but this law applied only to foreign couples who were from countries who also recognized gay marriage. The following year, the Belgium government passed a law that allowed any gay couple to marry. In 2005, Spain legalized same-sex marriages after a campaign led by Jose Luis Zapatero. Homosexuals account for 4 million of Spain’s population. The legalization and approval in parliament allowed homosexuals to marry and adopt children. Spain became Europe’s third country to recognize and legalize same sex-marriage. In 2005, Canada was the fourth country in the world to legalize gay marriage. This legalization was possible by the Civil Marriage Act in 2005.
In 2009, Norway became the fifth country in the world to legalize gay marriage. Norway’s parliament integrated a new marriage law which allows homosexuals to marry and adopt children. This law also allowed lesbians to have the option of artificial insemination. After Spain legalized their same-sex marriage law in 2005, Spain’s neighbor, Portugal, passed a bill in 2010 to legalize gay marriage. Also in 2010, Iceland unanimously passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage within their country. After the law passed, Iceland’s Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir, married her longtime partner which made her the first openly gay head of state. In 2009, Sweden’s parliament voted and legalized gay marriage. In 2010, Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner signed a bill into law legalizing gay marriage. This placed Argentina as the first country in Latin America to legalize gay marriage. In 2006, the most shocking and unpredicted change...

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