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Homosexual Adoptions Essay

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Homosexual AdoptionIn today's society, there are hundreds of thousands of children, who need a permanent home-a place where they can feel the love of a family. Dues to the fact that orphan children need a normal life as any other children, adoption are a very value issue. Against the public belief, there is no veracity to the widely approved intellection that only certain kinds of people are capable to adopt a child. The House this year failed to pass an amendment to the D.C. Appropriations bill that would have stopped the District from allowing adoptions by homosexual and other unrelated couples.These days, both public and private adoption agencies are directing all kinds of children with ...view middle of the document...

There is no indication to propose that lesbians and gay men are disqualified to be parents. Good parenting is not affected by sexual orientation. Instead, it is affected most completely by a parent's ability to generate a loving and fostering home -- an ability that does not lean on whether a parent is gay or straight. The one reason people used most to deny homosexual adoption is that children needTran/3parents who are both male and female as role models in their lives. If the homosexual couples are not able to adopt children, then these children without homes have neither a mother nor a father as role models. The truth is that children get their role models from all around besides their parents. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, friends, and neighbors are some of the examples. Trained professionals can guarantee that the child to be adopted or placed in foster care is advancing into a background with sufficient role models of all types.The public also argues that children of gay and lesbian couples are likely to grow up gay themselves. As day-by-day, this saying is only a myth. All of the obtainable evidence indicates that the sexual orientation of parents has no effect on the sexual orientation of their children and that children of homosexual parents are no more likely than any other child to grow up to be gay. There is some evidence that children of gays and lesbians are more open-minded of variety, but this is assuredly not a disadvantage. As might be expected, some children of lesbians and gay men will grow up to be gay, so are some children of heterosexual parents. These children will haveTran/4the added benefit of growing up with parents who are supportive and accepted by the world that can sometimes be unfavorable.Many places have support legislation to ban gay and lesbian adoption. This act has emotionally affected the gay and lesbian who are also humans with feelings. "Hilary and I have always had gay rights issues in the forefront of our lives, but we have never had anything cut as close to our souls as becoming parents," Birch says. "The bonding process with your children is so deep that we would do anything to protect it from those who threaten it. What we did in adopting is a very private thing, and when the Right got a hold of it, it felt very mean and personal."Gay parenting corresponds with an extensive reconfiguration of households and relationships. The meaning of the word "family" has been varying at a fast speed, and the change is...

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