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Homework Policy Essay

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NBT1 (1114): Task 1
By: Ashlyn Fellman
Student ID# 000298280

A short overview of Ms. Smith’s classroom scenario describes the students as diverse in their maturity level and also their academic and social skills. Ms. Smith requests that students turn in their homework at the beginning of school on the right side of her desk. She also asks that students pick up their graded work from the basket on the left side of her desk in the morning. The students that don’t do either of them within the set amount of time, must ask Ms. Smith about an extension or for their graded assignment if possible. Ms. Smith will let students appeal their grades if they think there ...view middle of the document...

For my fourth graders, Ms. Smith’s policy does have the potential to foster self-motivation because it lets student monitor their own learning, actively take part in turning in their work, appeal a grade if they see a mistake the teacher made, and talk to the teacher about their homework, understanding, or missing work.
There will be a lot of interaction from the teacher to the students and their parents with the help of a planner or some other organizational tool. A planner or folder will help with positive social interaction to take place between teachers and parents. It will let the parents report any suggestions or problems so they might help the children succeed better. Instead of requiring parents to buy a planner or notebook and wanting no resentment towards me, I would give each child a planner on the first day of school
Finally, active engagement could also be fostered as a form of monitoring, self-evaluations, and interacting with the teacher on a daily basis when checking the planners, grading assignments, submitting work, explaining themselves when they have late or missing work, and voicing their appeals.
One thing I would not do is have an inbox and a return basket on either side of the teacher’s desk for my fourth graders. In my classroom, I will have the students come up one at a time to turn in their homework at the start of class. I do not like that Ms. Smith has a return basket for all of the students to go through to find their own work. Doing that would expose the other student’s grades, which violates their privacy and could be used as bullying towards each other.
A1. Positive social interaction
A common strategy done by many educators is educating the students and their parents of the homework policy by both verbal and handwritten explanation at the start of the school year (Linsin, 2010). I will be doing the same process and also put the homework policy up in the classroom so that the fourth graders can see it and refer back to it frequently throughout the school year. Using a planner will be beneficial to my 4th grade students with different social and academic levels so they can start forming a solid foundation for organization, prioritizing, and time management. A planner will also be an effective way to communicate with the parents so that they can ask questions, make suggestions, participate, and learn about their child’s academic experiences or challenges.
A learning community will be made when students and parents are involved with homework and know what steps are needed to be successful (Linsin, 2010). I will use the planner as a resource to see how the support at each child’s home is like and how it is affecting their success in school. I will also use the planner as a one on one goal-setting guide and use it introspectively as a class project for the year. This will help to create an emotionally supportive classroom so that I can promote learning and positive social interaction with my 4th grade...

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