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Homework Is An Effective Way To Supplement Classroom Learning

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“Class, please answer all even numbers in pages 34 to 483 of our lecture book. Write your answers in yellow pad. This is due tomorrow.” Who would not remember being dismayed upon hearing those words from the teacher? Homework has long been a way to supplement students’ learning outside the classroom. This has also kept students busy every night, staring at their computer screens studying or researching about their assigned school work. Homework, in a way, is a good way of maintaing the knowledge students gained from school, but is it really the most effective way of providing supplemental studies? Most studies have shown that homework may be more supplemental than being detrimental to a ...view middle of the document...

in Shellard, Turner 7).

Point of fact though, that despite showing improvements in grades due to homework, it has to be given in modest amounts. Too much homework would then be detrimental to the learning of the student, and that “moderate amounts of time spent on homework are related to higher subject test scores, while a lot or very little time spent on homework is less productive” (qtd. in Department of Education and the Arts 8). Nowadays, students spend most of their time locked on to their computers, accomplishing their assigned tasks. This would also mean less time with their families and friends in order to give way for homework time. To quote a mother of an eighth-grade student, “[My son] spends hours and hours and hours on homework. All weekend long, all night long.” (qtd. in Dudley-Marling) and homework interferes with their family time. The less time given to hang out with the family would result to a loosely bonded relationship. Humans are relational beings: impede the relationship part, and it would result to a lack of development in the social aspect of the human being.

Another adverse effect of having too much homework is not having time to do extra-curricular activities and developing hobbies. Extra-curricular activities such as attending social gatherings or learning a sport would be possible since the time allotted for those activities are
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already taken up by academics. Say, a student has a talent in drawing and wants to further develop his/her skill, but he/she would not have the time for this because of the amount of homework to be accomplished. He/she is confined to the mechanical style learning, that is of doing homework.

Despite the given negative effects of homework, there is an extensive list of positive short term and long term effects of giving homework to students. Some of these positive benefits involve students improve their “understanding, critical thinking and concept formation” (qtd. in Shellard, Turner 3), have a more positive outlook regarding school and having better study habits (qtd. in Department of Education and the Arts 8). These benefits not only can be applied to other academic subjects, but also in real life situations. For example, critical thinking skills developed from doing homework can be used to solve a murder case in court. Also, better study habits would also result to better time management skills. This would prevent students from cramming their assigned work the night before the due dates. The benefits do not just stop there. Assigning homework not only teaches...

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