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Homework 1 Solutions Essay

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CHE 331
Fall 2013

OSU Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Homework #1 Solutions

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Solutions for CHE 331 Homework #1:
Problem 1:
a) Develop a mathematical model to predict the concentration of salt (C1) leaving the first tank
as a function of time. Calculate the time for C1 to reach 0.01% of the initial value (0.0001Co).
To simplify the problem, we will make the following assumptions:

Constant volume of liquid in the tank (V) and volumetric flow of water (Fo).
The tank is well-mixed (i.e. C1 is uniform, throughout the tank).
The salt dissolves instantly at time t = 0 (i.e. Co = o ).

A molar balance (input – output = accumulation) on ...view middle of the document...



Calculation of the time to reach C1 = 0.01% of C0 is straightforward from Equation 7:

t 0.01% = −

⎛V ⎞
V ⎛ C1 ⎞
ln⎜ ⎟ = − ln(0.0001) = 9.21⎜ ⎟[time]
F0 ⎝ Co ⎠
⎝ F0 ⎠


b) Develop a mathematical model to predict C2, the concentration of salt in the second tank.
SKETCH a plot that will show C1 and C2 as a function of time.
Consider a mass balance on the salt in the second tank. The feed stream (C1) contains
salt, so we cannot simply discard the input term in this case. Since the liquid volume in
the tanks is not changing, the output and input streams must again have equal flow rates

FoC1Δt − FoC2 Δt = VC2 t+Δt − VC2 t

⎡ moles ⎤


As with part a), we divide by Δt and take the limit as Δt→0 to get:

FoC1( t ) − FoC2 ( t ) = V


, where C1 (t) = Coe

⎡ moles ⎤
⎢ time ⎥

⎛F t⎞
−⎜ o ⎟
⎝ V ⎠


Notice that C1 will be changing over time, so we cannot simply separate variables and
integrate directly. Instead, we rearrange the differential equation and substitute the
equation form of C1(t).

FoC1( t ) − FoC2 ( t ) dC2


CHE 331
Fall 2013

OSU Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Homework #1 Solutions

Fo (Coe

⎛F t⎞
−⎜ o ⎟
⎝ V ⎠

− C2 (t))



dC2 FoC2 (t)



⎛F t⎞
−⎜ o ⎟
⎝ V ⎠


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. Thus, an
integrating factor, ξ(t), can be introduced to solve the problem. See the class handout
about integrating factors or a calculus textbook for details:
Equation 15 is of the form Q( t ) = y′ + P( t )y , in which

ξ(t) = e


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